Last week it was binding….

This week I seem to be obsessed with knitting. I’ve been working on both pair of socks and unfortunately last night made a mess of my heels … I almost NEVER rip out knitting because I find it SO difficult to get my stitches back on my needles correctly so I have a high tolerance for mistakes. However, it became apparent last night that I was going to have to rip out both heels of my purple socks.

I stayed up to 2AM last night ripping, picking up stitches, and then redoing the heels and I’m finishing up the second heel today. As soon as I’m done, I’m going to do the heels on the pink pair while it’s all fresh in my head.

Because I was afraid I could not get both socks back on the same needles and oriented correctly after ripping them out – they’re each on their own needles.


I’ve toyed with audio books a bit in the past – I have this fear of not being able to read one day and decided I needed to train myself to listen to books. I wasn’t very successful but I’m giving it another try with the Overdrive app that lets me download audio books from my local library. I’m listening to a biography of Grace Kelly and I think I’ll actually finish it. I was not able to get through the first book I downloaded because the reader’s voice grated on my nerves so bad.

10 thoughts on “Last week it was binding….

  1. Denise Porter

    Kudos to you for ripping the heels up… you’ll be glad every time you wear these purple socks! I have a curtain panel hanging in my daughter’s room that is about an inch longer than the other two panels. Every time I look at it am annoyed and think that I should fix it and wish I would have done it right away when I was making the curtains! It gives a great sense of satisfaction to do a job right! I’m enjoying seeing your crafting efforts and someday when I get the clutter under control, I hope to get back sewing and creating! I love the texture on your pink socks. Too fun!

  2. Nancy

    The narrator/reader can make a book interesting or can ruin a book with lack of expression. I’ve given up on a few audio books for that reason.

    Glad you got your socks back on track. Enjoy your knitting and “reading” time.

  3. Penny G

    The correct reader does make a huge difference. We listen to a lot of audio books since our children are 5 hours away and we try to visit once a month, and we actually try to find the same readers when we go to the library. The books need to be understandable, interesting and I need to be able to distinguish the characters from one another. We have 4 or 5, but we tend to lighter reading since driving on the interstate leads to occasional lapses in listening.

  4. Jill

    Are you able to get the BBC iplayer on the Internet or with the iPad app? You cannot access TV outside the UK but should be able to get the radio. The Drama section has plays and books, I have just listened to and enjoyed “The Kindness of Wolves” and now enjoying “Where’d you go Bernadette”. Once the programmes have been aired on the radio they are available for a week. Ideal when you have binding to sew and heels to knit. I admire your patience with the socks, looking forward to seeing the final results.

  5. Bonnie in Va.

    Oh Mary I sure hope you can find some books that you enjoy listening to. I really love to sew or knit while listening to stories. I keep a computer on my sewing table so I can easily stop the story while I’m using the machine (I don’t like the sound blaring unless I’m home alone.) I recently listened to The Help and really liked it. The very best narrator I’ve listened to is the man who did the Harry Potter stories. He was AMAZING. I can’t tell you the number of different voices he used. Incredible. I’ve also gotten so certain voices belong with certain characters and if I hear them narrating different stories I’m reminded too much of the “primary” character/book I associate them with.

    Your socks look great even if you spent hours unraveling them and redoing the heels. I wonder if it is time to put some socks on the needles … naw, not until the little jacket comes off!

  6. Linda in NE

    I’ve been trying to listen to audio books too. I can do it when I walk or do mindless sewing. So far I’ve only listened to 1 and 1/2 books in the In Death series by J.D. Robb. Susan Erickson reads them, has a nice voice and does different sounding voices & accents for the different characters. Usually I just really get into it when somebody stops to talk to me while I’m walking or DH stands in the sewing room doorway and starts talking at me. Must be something about seeing those earphones on my head!!! (Hate earbuds.)

  7. Lynne

    The speaker’s voice can certainly make or mar the audio book experience! I use Overdrive to download books from my local library too.

    Sorry you had trouble with your sock heels. Try picking up the stitches with a slightly smaller needle – it works for me.

  8. Lynne

    I also am a big fan of Overdrive as I can get books for free through my public library. Some of the authors record their own books. Some that come to mind are one of President Obama’s books, Tina Fey’s Bossypants, and Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time – quite a variety! I unfortunately have a low tolerance for knitting mistakes and hence undo a lot. The name of my blog is even based on that as tinking is knitting backwards. I keep a crochet hook with my knitting as it helps to pick up the stitches if they were fully ripped out.

  9. KatieQ

    I love the free hand swirl quilting. I’m on the fence about the fusible strips for joining batting. They are definitely not cheap, but I have trouble sewing strips of batting together.

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