Yes, more swirls

I know I just quilted freehand swirls yesterday but today’s dotty top from Tish seemed to want them too!

Now I’m heading out for a walk and the coffee shop for some more knitting — I finished the heels on both pair of socks yesterday (yes I stayed up until 3AM finishing the pink heels). Still lots to do to finish both pair but I’m making progress.

4 thoughts on “Yes, more swirls

  1. Vic

    The swirls look nice…I bought the Pajama Quilter DVD and am doing some serious PPP. I love to look at your freehanding…

  2. Amy (NW WI)

    Great quilting finishes lately! Despite the repeat, the swirls really are a “fit-all” pattern and help the string quilts find some motion. A+

  3. Julie

    Don’t forget to post a pic of your finished socks on your Ravelry project page, Mary!
    Lovely quilts as usual. Wish I had your inspiration.

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