A Strippie

I don’t like it as much as the first one but then boy colors are just easier for me. Here’s a little girl version of the Owl Strippie (remade because Becky and Chris are having a girl). Technically the first one was supposed to be gender neutral but in the end it definitely looked boyish to me.


11 thoughts on “A Strippie

  1. debra

    Oh my, a little girl?! How exciting! I see a future quilter taking after her dear grandmother. Then again, that could be Adam too 😉
    Men make awesome quilters. Congratulations to your family!

  2. SaraF

    Having both a girl and a boy grandbaby has been so much fun! My kids were both girls, so we always had lots of girly stuff around. But my girls always liked bright colors other than pink.

    And I really adore this owl print in pink and orange. Very girly, but not too pink.

  3. Mary

    I think this willbe perfect! Can’t wait to see a full pic when you complete. Love the colors, btw!

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