Destination walking

It was a gorgeous day in Minneapolis and I got in 8000 steps walking over to the yarn shop. Keith likes walking laps but I always prefer my walking to have a purpose. I’ll post later about what I found at the shop and what I plan to work on in the coming months.


2 thoughts on “Destination walking

  1. Ruth

    What’s your favorite yarn shop? I visit family in Minneapolis a couple of times a year, and am always looking for new places.

  2. Lori Bitter

    Mary, you’re an inspiration!!! I’ve been swimming a lot but today I dug out my pedometer and will get a new battery for it!!! I don’t walk nearly enough. I think I may shock myself with how little!! But my goal is to see what it adds up to and then I’ll start building. Thanks for the motivation!!

    Lori in VA

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