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I am really enjoying my knitting lately … But I’m not too sure about NOT starting these socks in the same place in the color sequence. It’s my first time using yarn that has such a wide stripe and the socks are completely different. It never seemed to matter with the socks from the narrower yarn but I might just have to change my tune the next time I use yarn with these wider stripes and make sure I start them at the same point.

With time in the car and on the plane, I made good progress today. What do you think? Would this bother you?


26 thoughts on “On my needles

  1. Bunny F

    I really like them! I am not big on symmetry. Some things, yes. But cool socks, no. I would want them just like that. Or call them your “Friday” socks – some of my friends have “Friday” socks that are a lot more noticeable! I like your style! Bunny

  2. Diana Purdy

    Actually, they are right in style! Whern I worked, they would have a Friday sock competition, and the person with the best combination would win, these defintely would be winners. Pink and green are two of my favorite colors together. Loved seeing all of your vacation photos especially Caleb, he’s a cutie!

  3. shirley bruner

    wouldn’t bother me at all. i have different colored socks and if one gets a hole in it i just save the other one and wear it with the next orphan sock. works for me. those are gorgeous

  4. Judy D in WA

    Ohhhh, I love them!!! That wouldn’t bother me at all. I have always tried to start my socks at the same spot in both skeins but this is making me rethink that. I think they are fun!

  5. Leslie Myers

    I have done it both ways but recently I try to match the large stripes. I wear and enjoy the ones that 11 match however and think they have some special moxie going on.

  6. Stitch

    It wouldn’t bother me much since I like when things don’t look like a robot made them. If you are uncomfortable, and have more yarn and the stomach to make a third sock – you can start the third sock with the yarn placement of one of the completed socks. You will then have a ‘matched’ set and one spare sock just in case one of the others gets lost. Alternatively, you can undo/rip out just one of the socks on your needles and begin again with yarn at EXACTLY the point in the variegation where you started the other sock. You’d have to hold the other sock on other needles first so when you get to the same point you can continue knitting 2 at a time. Whatever you do – it will be grand.

  7. Jane

    I love them, but then I’ve worn “odd” for 36 years – these would be perfect for me 🙂

  8. Lori in Tucson

    Sometimes it’s more fun not to be so “matchy-matchy” – leave ’em the way they are.

  9. Jean

    I think they’re great. They’re still in the same color family – more interesting. Mary, which sock yarn(s) do you find wears the best? I’m a slow knitter and I hate spending so much time making a pair only to have them wear out after a few times wearing them.

  10. Kathy E.

    I guess I am alone here… yes, that would bother ME on MY socks, but these are YOURS! I always (even with the thin stripes) try to start in the same place so both socks look exactly the same. But, I am TYPE A when it comes to quilting and knitting, so YOU don’t have to follow me on this!

    It looks like one of your balls of yarn is reverse wound, so the pattern is going opposite on one sock. That is something I am always very careful to check about (I can’t help myself… have I mentioned I am TYPE A?), because sometimes 2 balls from the same dye lot will still be reverse wound at the mill. Sometimes it is really hard to figure out on a wide-striping yarn.

    They are really cute, and the style these days is to wear non-matching socks. My grand-daughter NEVER wears 2 socks that are the same, and it is cute and fun to see what is on her feet. So I say, LEAVE THEM AS THEY ARE!

  11. Denise Porter

    These socks remind me of peppermints – pink and green. I’d wear them, for sure …

    By the way, missing your AAQI tab thing to check on your Alzheimers quilt sales!

  12. Kim S

    I guess I’m with Kathy… As long as they are yours they would not bother me, but if they were mine, I’d be doing some ripping 🙁

    I try to start my socks the same and have at least the leg and foot match. Somehow the way I turn my toes….. my toes never match! That’s what I meant with my comment on your post the other day when I said that my socks never match… They start out matching but never end that way!!! LOL

  13. Karen

    I am a constant sock knitter – I can’t seem to get the next pair on the needles fast enough after a finish. Luckily I have a long list of people who love to receive hand-knit socks. I never worry about where the stripes start or where they end – I figure that is part of the beauty of the “hand-made” look. I think all of the socks you’ve done are beautiful – these included! My first love is quilting, but the knitting is just so portable – I think I’m doing more knitting than quilting these days. Also have to say that your grandson is such a cutie!

  14. Flatlander (Linda)

    Love ’em … if you don’t want them I’d be glad to give them a home 😉 I think you’re part of a trend right now … people BUY pairs of socks and then mix them up, wearing a different one on each foot. Nice colors, too ….

  15. Grace

    Love the colors on those socks. Until I read what you wrote, I assumed the socks were contemporary and upscale and were not meant to be matchy-matchy. The socks are really great the way they are.

  16. Marla

    Kids these days where missed matched socks all the time so they wil fit right in. I thought it was just my granddaughter that did that but her friends also. Leave them they look lovely.

  17. Sandy

    Welllll, it seems there are more “it doesn’t bother me” than there are “it would bother me’s”. But I say if it won’t bother you, go for it. But if they were mine, I would prefer that they matched a little better. Please, let us know what YOU decide…

  18. Carol

    Hi Mary;you tweaked my memory.I remember being at work some years ago at our meeting wondering why everyone was smiling at me. I realized when I looked down that I had on different patterned socks. It gave my co-workers a smiley day. So yes keep your socks and share them; and you too will spread the joy. Enjoy.

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