I hate hanks … Of yarn

I wish all yarn came in skeins … I’m less than skilled when it comes to winding yarn into balls … Or are they cakes of yarn? For better or worse, my purchases from today are wound and ready to use. Want to guess how long it takes me to complete all three projects? (Along with the socks currently in progress and the ones on the to do list?) Right now I’m on a knitting kick but who knows how long it will last.


First up is this Cowl in the gray yarn.

2 thoughts on “I hate hanks … Of yarn

  1. Julie Rose

    I have an easy way to wind hanks yourself; start with the end of yarn between your 2nd and third fingers–leave a fairly long tail hanging out toward your palm: then just wind around the two fingers (not too tightly) into a ball and at the end you’ll have a “center-pull” hank”. I learned that from a knitting pal way back when. (At first it looks like an oval, but that soon changes). Give it a try, I think you’ll like it Julierose

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