I gave up

After taking Chesty to the vet this morning I gave up on getting anything but binding and knitting done today while I wait until the meds kick in. He’s beside himself with itching and only settles down if I’m right with him. From experience, I know he will be much improved by this time tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve made lots of progress on my cowl.


5 thoughts on “I gave up

  1. Penny G

    Living in Florida we have flea issues whenever the kids bring their dogs into the house. My cat scratches constantly for days unless she is being held by my husband or myself. By the way I do treat her regularly for fleas and the itchy skin, but if there is one flea anywhere in the house she requires consoling and comfort.

  2. Melinda in CT

    Oh your poor thing, you *had* to sit and knit all day! haha But seriously, poor Chesty, it’s so sad to see our furbabies suffering. Hope he is much better soon.

  3. Flatlander (Linda)

    During a vet visit with Sadie Anne today I was advised that Northern Michigan is “enjoying” a huge increase in the flea population plus a great increase in the black legged ticks, carriers of Lyme’s Disease. Wonderful!! Sadie was scratching like crazy and I thought she was developing a “hot spot” but we think it might be a combination of stress from the move to new home plus a few fleas. Benadryl and a topical salve were the prescription and seem to have kicked in.

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