I’m obsessed with knitting

I restarted the watermelon socks NOT because of the mismatched striping but because I decided to go up on my needle size. Most of my socks are made with fingering yarn and I have my size figured out exactly but this yarn is a sport weight and I wasn’t sure of the size when I started. The larger needle will be better I think. Luckily they knit up fast and while I was restarting them, I did pay attention to the color sequence.


My packing is done and I’m heading to the library now but when I get home tonight I might cast on another scarf to take with me on my trip. I’ll be gone a week and don’t want to run out of something to work on. I’ll miss Keith and Chesty though because they’re staying home this time.

One thought on “I’m obsessed with knitting

  1. Dianne King

    Remind me again which book you use to learn two socks on circulars at the same time, Mary? I think I need to give it another go…I’m knitting SO many socks these days!

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