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Here’s a tip

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I’m just now realizing that Monday is Labor Day which means a 3 day weekend for me with Keith – very nice after all the travel the last couple weeks. However, I was thinking that surely there should be an app or some way to add holidays automatically on my iPhone/iPad calendar so I did a search and guess what? There is a way to add them and it works! Here’s a link that will give you the option to add them automatically to yours.


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No sewing yesterday or today (so far) but I’ve been busy. Genealogy research yesterday getting ready for the trip to Philly including reading up on BillionGraves. The plan is to use their iPhone app to document graves while I’m there. I also got into doing some transcriptions — it’s not like I don’t have a million other things to do but I kind of like looking at headstones and wondering about the people buried there.

Keith’s finally back in town after being gone but he had business dinners last night and tonight so I wandered across the river to get my steps and something to eat. I love eating in the outdoor courtyards around the city.

#8 of 10

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I’m pretty sure this is from HeartStrings group blocks sent into Sue and one of the ones I brought home from the August sew-in but I could be wrong. I’ve been trying to label all the tops as they come in the mail with the month and name of the person sending it but this one didn’t have a label.

It’s quilted with what I’m calling a diagonal basketweave. Rhonda had one she did at the last sew-in and I thought it had a neat almost crosshatching effect. Not sure if mine does but it’s nice to try something different.

Ashley’s Log Cabin

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I’ve had several comments/questions about Ashley’s log cabin quilt. She’s a beginner quilter and when we were all at my Mom’s for the Mid Atlantic quilt show she was talking about wanting to make a quilt. I think she has made at least one before and she also participated in our family postcard exchange.

I suggested that a log cabin quilt would make a good project and Mom even had the Quilt in a Day book so I could show her the photos. Next we needed a color scheme and since she likes purple, I showed her a couple purple and green quilts I’d recently finished up.



She liked the combination of the purple and green so we went fabric shopping, used Mom’s GO to cut the 2.5 inch strips called for and then she pieced the top. When she asked me if I would quilt it for her, of course I said yes. Now I’ll ship it back to PA for her to bind and she’ll have a lovely quilt. I should probably know how old she is but I’m not completely sure … My guess is 13 give or take a year.


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Have you ever wished you had been named something different or that you had a nickname?

I was talking with my Mom about how much I disliked the name Mary growing up and that I wished she’d named me something else. My grandmother (Mary Anne) and great grandmother (Mary Jane) were both named Mary and while it’s nice to be named for someone — Mary is still boring.

Mom told me she should have called me Mollie since that’s what her grandmother (Mary Jane) had been called so I decided that’s the nickname I wanted and she’s been calling me Mollie since my visit earlier this month. So will it totally confuse you all if I start going by Mollie ūüôā

Here’s an interesting list on nicknames and their given names – helpful if you’re doing genealogy research.

By the way, if you think that RaeRae is a silly/strange name … It’s my nickname for the new baby Chris and Becky are expecting in October. Her name will be Reagan Rae Johnson.

August’s UFO

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My UFO for this month’s challenge is a HeartStrings top I pieced last year. Quilted with the pantograph Improved Clamshell, it just needs binding now. This is also #7 of 10 tops on the list of goals before the next trip.

I should finish all 10 with time to spare and will work on getting this one and the little Strippie for RaeRae bound. The next trip is to¬†Philadelphia¬†and I’m excited about being able to do some genealogy research there. My father was born in¬†Philadelphia¬†and it’s where his parents settled when they emigrated from Ireland. Keith also has family on his mother’s side that lived there – I’m hoping to find his grandparents’ birth records.