On my needles

Today was another volunteer day at the library but I did knit some when I got home this evening.

The socks (love this yarn/colorway) have been set aside for the next trip and the red cowl is about ready to be bound off.


I’ve cast on the Sunny blanket and am making good progress.


12 thoughts on “On my needles

  1. Cyndi Holguin

    I love your knitting. I got the book and the needles only I got the needles both the same size. but I am going to try them that way anyway. Praying I can get this. I need a day when I can be alone to go through this little by little. :/ fingers crossed. Hope I get as good as you are. Have a great time on the next trip. 🙂

  2. e.rob

    Mary, your blanket is gorgeous. Love the Purple!!!! This will be a timeless blanket for your grandchild.

    What is the name of the city/town in Maine where you stayed last year?

  3. Denise Porter

    Wow … you ARE making very good progress on the blanket for your new granddaughter! Looking forward to seeing the finished project! My son is 12 and he still sleeps with a quilt that my Mum made (a simple printed panel front) — and I am sure your hard work will also be cherished for years to come!

  4. Nancy

    Your socks and blanket are gorgeous – such beautiful colors! I really like the larger stripes on your socks. I MUST remember to buy some of that yarn.

  5. Flatlander (Linda)

    Where did you get the pattern for the Sunny blanket? Looks like a simpl knit and something I might be able to master/practice my knitting on. Could you share info? LOVE the socks …..

  6. Cindy B.

    This blanket is outstanding. I have been doing a basket weave pattern but I like this one even more.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Carol

    Wow this blanket shows your choice of color and pattern meld perfectly. Would love an Afghan with this combination. Great work Mary. By the way I just ordered some recyclable Silk yarn for a change don’t have a clue what to do with it yet. Thought I would help women in poorer situations by patronizing their workshop. Now to sleuth the net for a neat pattern……….

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