Ashley’s Log Cabin

I’ve had several comments/questions about Ashley’s log cabin quilt. She’s a beginner quilter and when we were all at my Mom’s for the Mid Atlantic quilt show she was talking about wanting to make a quilt. I think she has made at least one before and she also participated in our family postcard exchange.

I suggested that a log cabin quilt would make a good project and Mom even had the Quilt in a Day book so I could show her the photos. Next we needed a color scheme and since she likes purple, I showed her a couple purple and green quilts I’d recently finished up.



She liked the combination of the purple and green so we went fabric shopping, used Mom’s GO to cut the 2.5 inch strips called for and then she pieced the top. When she asked me if I would quilt it for her, of course I said yes. Now I’ll ship it back to PA for her to bind and she’ll have a lovely quilt. I should probably know how old she is but I’m not completely sure … My guess is 13 give or take a year.

5 thoughts on “Ashley’s Log Cabin

  1. Diana W.

    Good for her and good for you getting her started. I always wanted to make quilts as far back as I can remember. I had no quilters in my family and didn’t have a clue how to even begin. I finally met a friend at my church who taught me the basics of the hand quilting stitch and I taught myself how to piece from books…ancient history.

    I am thrilled to see young people picking up the craft. I can’t wait to see pictures of her log cabin.

  2. Carol

    Wow 13 yrs old and such a talented quilter. What a memory of you Mary she will cherish and no doubt pass on to her own family. From little acorns Oak trees grow.

  3. Katherine

    I started quilting at about that age and I would have been thrilled to have a family member to help me along! Instead I got my start at a pioneer days type demo (at Callaway Gardens log cabin) and then cut pieces out with a cardboard template and sewed everything by hand. When I finally finished the top – years later, I had no idea how to go about quilting it. My mom finally found a group of “little old ladies” at a local church who held quilting bees and showed me how to hand quilt.

    I’m so glad at most of the changes in my quilting experience in the last 30 years!

  4. Beth in AZ

    Don’t you just love to help out a new sewer/quilter? I love the light bulb look when they see a block or quilt they have made! I had a small summer sewing group at my house. Included was a young mother and her three kids. Those kids sewed too! We mostly did string blocks for a QOV, but at the end of our time for the summer, they made pillowcases. The deal was if they made a QOV pillowcase, I would take them to pick out fabric for their OWN. They did a great job making them and picking out their own fabric. I usually do French seams, but with them, we just used the serger. THAT was what they loved the most…oh..and swimming in the pool after sewing each week! lol I thought that was pretty nice too…

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