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I didn’t get to sleep until 10Am so after a short nap I decided I’d get out and run some errands ( including a visit to the yarn shop and an early dinner) to get my steps in for the day.


Now I’m ready to walk home and load my cousin’s daughter’s log cabin quilt.

On my needles

Today was another volunteer day at the library but I did knit some when I got home this evening.

The socks (love this yarn/colorway) have been set aside for the next trip and the red cowl is about ready to be bound off.


I’ve cast on the Sunny blanket and am making good progress.


Halfway to the goal

Quilt #5 of 10

This pretty HS top was pieced by Beth and quilted with freehand flowers from the Pajama Quilter DVD. I know you like to see the entire quilt but for now, you’ll just get a snippet of my quilting! I always post a final photo once the quilts are bound but if you just can’t wait to see the top — take a look here on the HeartStrings site— it’s much prettier than this snippet shows.

Breaking through

Yesterday was a volunteer day at the library but with only one patron to help, I had plenty of time to work on my own genealogy project and it was a VERY good day for me. I’ve spent the last year or so working on this family tree and my father’s family was one of the difficult branches. Emigrating from Ireland as young adults, my grandparents grew up in Ireland and those records are harder to get at. I’d found both families on the 1901 and 1911 Irish Census after a LOT of searching and had found additional bits and pieces of information scattered across the internet.

However, I had resisted using one of the fee based Irish sites because I didn’t want to be paying for records that might not be my family. I’d come to a bit of a dead end with the information that was available on the free sites so I decided to dip my toes in and see what I would come up with. Paying  18 Euros I obtained credits to use to viewing records and hit the jackpot!

I found records relating to my grandmother, great and great-great grandparents.  I’m moving ahead again on this branch of the family so I bought some more credits and will be doing a bit more careful searching on this Roots Ireland site.

#4 of 10

This was another top pieced by Sue or her Mom from blocks sent in to HeartStrings. Set in a Straight Furrows setting, I like the diagonal lines in this one.

Quilted with the pantograph Hearts in Bloom

Chesty’s feeling a bit under the weather tonight and curled up for a while under the longarm while I was working.

Moving along – #3 of 10

One more quilted today …  one of the tops Sue or her Mom pieced from blocks sent in to the group.  It’s a little different from our other HeartStrings quilts in that the center string is pieced and the other strings are all lights.

Quilted with freehand Wonky Feathers from the Pajama Quilter DVD

Time to get quilting

Well, the days earlier in the week were a nice break but I need to seriously get moving. I’d finished up all the quilts that had arrived Jan-April – the last ones were bound during the Olympics but they’ve been arriving steadily via the mail and when I added up the ones here and the ones I’d brought home from the sew-in, I’m back up to 22 tops! And those are just the HeartStrings ones waiting for quilting. Two will be shipped off to Peg – a new volunteer for HeartStrings. Just look at the first one she quilted for us. Two are RWB HeartStrings that I will take to Maine in September to finish there and I’ll probably take a few others along too but….

I needed a plan, a goal, something to get me moving. Ten seems like a nice round (achievable) number of tops to get quilted in the next 2 weeks before I travel again and counting the one from yesterday and this HeartStrings top pieced by Tish that I just quilted — I’ve done two of the ten. Wish me luck!

This one is quilted with what I call “blob quilting” but in her DVD, Dawn calls it Fern Ziggle.

Pick three

I dusted off the sewing machine and the longarm today. Plodding along on assembling the Tessellating Pinwheels and I loaded and quilted the Quick Strippie for RaeRae. On these I always pick 3 quilting designs and repeat them in the small, medium, and large strips.

Hearts, Loops, and Swirls


On my needles

I could not resist casting on another pair of socks even though I’m still working on the red cowl and have plans to buy yarn this weekend for a baby blanket. I will get back to quilting …today, I promised myself.


And another

This was the last of 3 pair of socks I’d been working on in the last couple months and I’m anxious to cast on another pair but I think up next will be a baby blanket. I’ve been cruising Ravelry for easy projects and am debating between these two.
Feathered Baby Blanket
Sunny Baby Blanket

Normally I don’t knit blankets because they take too long but I’ve been in the mood to knit so I’ll try something fairly simple.

Today’s sock finish


Pretend you don’t see the messy coffee table – it drives Keith nuts!