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A small finish

This top pieced by Gail is finished. I finally got the binding hand stitched down this afternoon while watching the US lose the Ryder Cup.


We also went downtown to watch part of the Viking and Redskin games … It’s starting to look like Fall!


I’m supposed to be binding today ….

No binding yet but I’ve been knitting. I was supposed to be binding yesterday but I was doing genealogy research.

At least someone is quilting, Linda had a quilting night with her group and look at all the Solid Stars and String quilts they’ve got going.


You can find instructions on my site.

Maybe I’ll get some binding in tonight.

Finally a finish

I’m binding another today but here’s Wednesday’s finish. The HeartStrings top was pieced by Beth


More breakthroughs on the genealogy front yesterday that kept me up all night doing additional research. I found two Revolutionary War ancestors in my Mom’s family and the DAR paperwork filled in quite a few blanks for me.

I’ll be late this month

September’s UFO is my Homespun Rails and I’ll be late finishing it but on the off chance that I’ll feel up to quilting on Friday, I went ahead and pieced a backing for it today. I needed a little more than 2 widths of fabric for the length so I used my strippie backing and its all ready to be loaded on the longarm.

Tonight, I’ll work on some binding and maybe some more knitting.

Wallowing in my misery

Knitting and listening to an audiobook is ALL I plan to accomplish today. This might be the first audiobook that I actually finish. So far I have just listened to bits and pieces of books.


I need NyQuil

Love my little corner store.


It’s a beautiful fall day

We went biking to the lakes (14.3 miles for me) and Keith rode a couple laps around the lake while I visited Lakewood Cemetery to photograph graves.




Pieced backs

Here’s a fun way to stretch a piece of fabric to make it large enough for a back. By making it asymmetric, you don’t have to worry about trying to center the quilt exactly. This back was pieced at the Maine sew-in by Brenda for one of the quilts I tied.


On my needles

Yep, still knitting the blanket … About 2/3rds complete


Leaving Maine


The final count

I finished up the last quilt tonight and my final count for this trip was 18 quilts tied. Not bad for 4 days AND we even took a break on Tuesday afternoon to go to Marden’s. I was good and only bought a few things.



Time to head home. Next trip I have to make sure I have some time in Portland and Cape Elizabeth but I did enjoy my walks by the river in Yarmouth. I’ll miss Maine!



The water…


The lobster rolls…


A HeartStrings top all ready to tie …


What’s not to love?!!

Do you like neutrals?

I’m always impressed with quilts that manage to look stunning without color. Jenice sent me this photo of her version of my Carpenter Star and wrote:

Hi, Mary. I just finished my version of your Carpenter’s Star quilt as a wedding gift, so I thought I would share a picture with you. When the lady told me that she liked brown/tan/cream, I was stumped as to what pattern to use. I knew it needed to have some pop since it would not be “colorful”. Your Carpenter’s Star pattern fit the bill and I really like the result! I will definitely be making this quilt again. Thank you for sharing!

Jenice Duvall


LOVE this quilt!

Linda, QOVF coordinator in Alaska wrote and shared this photo of her version of my Churn Dash and Stars quilt. She asked my permission to use the instructions for a class and wrote:

I’m attaching a photo of the class sample I made, and which will soon be covering one of our veterans.

I think it’s gorgeous!


Play Date

Instead of staying home and doing chores in prep for leaving for Maine, I took off south to Cannon Falls to meet my friend and fellow HeartStrings quilter Sheree. What a great little town … We visited a yarn shop, a quilt shop, had lunch, and then sat at a picnic table near the trail to chat and knit a bit…and everything was within a short walking distance.


As usual, my basket had more than Sheree’s


I think these are the falls although they’re not very big.


Next up

I’m actually only halfway done with the Sunny Blanket but I’m planning another project. I want to make a prayer shawl so I dug out the book I have and have narrowed it down to 3. This is my first choice but I’m going to keep my options open until I’m at the yarn store tomorrow.


I’ve never done cables before but this would be an easy first project


This one is the least likely one but there’s a reason it’s on the cover – I think it’s gorgeous.


I haven’t knit at all this week – Keith was gone and I spent my evenings reading but he’s home now so I plan to pull out the blanket and get more done tonight after my “shift” at the library.

I have been getting quilts trimmed and ready for binding. These three are already labeled and just need the binding hand sewn down.


I’m a little weird

I love graveyards and have always wandered through them when I’ve come across them in my travels. With the interest in Genealogy, they hold even more meaning for me. Last night I finished transcribing all the photos of graves I took on Saturday when we went looking for family graves in Philly. I like to think I’m making it easier for others to find the graves of their family members when they don’t live nearby. I can tell you that it does take longer to transcribe the graves than to snap the photos!!


I had an added bonus today … We didn’t have time to go out to the cemetery that my aunt was buried in and my cousin Mary who lives outside of Philly went out and snapped a photo and sent it to me today. How nice is that??


On the quilting front, some binding and labeling going on but no finishes yet.

It’s going to be a busy week.

I’m only home for a week before leaving Keith and Chesty and heading off to Maine for a HeartStrings sew-in so I’ve got a busy week catching up from being gone and getting ready to leave again.

I’m not going to create any lofty goals but will work on some binding and knitting in between volunteering at the library, unpacking, doing laundry, repacking, and organizing my genealogy data before I forget what I learned in Philly.

I tend to only be able to obsess about one other “craft” at a time along with my quilting and knitting has been at the forefront these last few months BUT I still think about embroidery projects and read books and blogs. This post led me to buy the Kindle book The Girl on the Wall and I’m hoping that the book will be as interesting as the “sample” I read this morning.

One thing I’m looking forward to this week is a knitting get together with Sheree.

More graves

This time from my side of the family and not much of a mystery. Again, I’d found the location of the graves of my grandparents and my great grandmother from their death records.

My grandparents and my Dad’s sister


My great grandmother who is buried with her grandson – not sure why but maybe because there was space?


I had success finding some records while I was here and didn’t find others but overall it was an interesting and productive trip from a genealogy standpoint.

I love a puzzle

I think one reason I love doing genealogy research so much is that I love solving a puzzle.

While we’re here in Philadelphia, we visited a couple cemeteries. I’d found the burial location of Keith’s great grandparents from church records but needed to stop in the office to see exactly where they were buried in the cemetery. We had a surprise when we were told there were 8 people buried in the plot.


There was only one headstone with the name Lillian R Holdway. My first thought was that Lillian was their daughter but when the birth year didn’t add up I did more searching and found out that this Lillian was their son’s wife.

I’m still verifying the relationships of all the people buried but we asked about adding a headstone for his great grandparents and were told we could add one or that we could just add their names to the stone already on the lot. It’s not cheap either way but we decided to go ahead and add their names to the stone that was there.