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A small finish

This top pieced by Gail is finished. I finally got the binding hand stitched down this afternoon while watching the US lose the Ryder Cup.


We also went downtown to watch part of the Viking and Redskin games … It’s starting to look like Fall!


I’m supposed to be binding today ….

No binding yet but I’ve been knitting. I was supposed to be binding yesterday but I was doing genealogy research.

At least someone is quilting, Linda had a quilting night with her group and look at all the Solid Stars and String quilts they’ve got going.


You can find instructions on my site.

Maybe I’ll get some binding in tonight.

Finally a finish

I’m binding another today but here’s Wednesday’s finish. The HeartStrings top was pieced by Beth


More breakthroughs on the genealogy front yesterday that kept me up all night doing additional research. I found two Revolutionary War ancestors in my Mom’s family and the DAR paperwork filled in quite a few blanks for me.

I’ll be late this month

September’s UFO is my Homespun Rails and I’ll be late finishing it but on the off chance that I’ll feel up to quilting on Friday, I went ahead and pieced a backing for it today. I needed a little more than 2 widths of fabric for the length so I used my strippie backing and its all ready to be loaded on the longarm.

Tonight, I’ll work on some binding and maybe some more knitting.

Wallowing in my misery

Knitting and listening to an audiobook is ALL I plan to accomplish today. This might be the first audiobook that I actually finish. So far I have just listened to bits and pieces of books.


I need NyQuil

Love my little corner store.


It’s a beautiful fall day

We went biking to the lakes (14.3 miles for me) and Keith rode a couple laps around the lake while I visited Lakewood Cemetery to photograph graves.




Pieced backs

Here’s a fun way to stretch a piece of fabric to make it large enough for a back. By making it asymmetric, you don’t have to worry about trying to center the quilt exactly. This back was pieced at the Maine sew-in by Brenda for one of the quilts I tied.


On my needles

Yep, still knitting the blanket … About 2/3rds complete


Leaving Maine