Room for improvement

I love simple quilting designs that create texture on these HeartStrings quilts and while this one has lots of room for improvement, I decided I’d try a wonky greek key type design quilted edge to edge on this small HeartStrings top pieced by Gail. I do like the texture created so I will try this on a few more tops and see if I can’t get a betterĀ rhythm but it definitely has potential.

This was #10 of 10 I wanted finished before the Philly trip AND I did get two small ones bound also so I’m in good shape.

4 Responses to “Room for improvement”

  • Penny G:

    Great job you got all 10 done! I am still in awe of your commitment. If I tried something like that my only commitment would be for a rest after stressing myself beyond my limits.

  • Denise Porter:

    I bet once it is washed and “puffs up” all the wonky bits won’t be noticeable! Bet it looks good on the back….

  • Emily:

    You are amazing to have gotten all of the quilts completed, plus two small ones! They are beautiful quilts. I am sure all who receive them will be happy and thankful.

    Hope you enjoy your trip.

    Take care.

  • Carol:

    Way to go Mary well done you. Putting a smile on someones face and showing them that you care.How rewarding.This is what makes the world go round. Enjoy your well earned trip…..

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