Pieced backs

Here’s a fun way to stretch a piece of fabric to make it large enough for a back. By making it asymmetric, you don’t have to worry about trying to center the quilt exactly. This back was pieced at the Maine sew-in by Brenda for one of the quilts I tied.


9 thoughts on “Pieced backs

  1. Angie

    Sometimes we just do and use what needs to used. The backing looks fine! My theory is most people don’t pay much attention to the backs of quilts.

  2. Victoria

    I so appreciate this suggestion to go with the flow of a deliberately asymmetrical look. When I take quilts that have pieced backs to my longarmer, they look very odd to not be centered, but just a little off. I like your look much better, thanks!

  3. Pat

    Love this idea, going to try it on the quilt I’m working on. Changed my mind about my border fabric and I don’t have enough for the back, but I will when I use your piecing idea. Thanks

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