Finally a finish

I’m binding another today but here’s Wednesday’s finish. The HeartStrings top was pieced by Beth


More breakthroughs on the genealogy front yesterday that kept me up all night doing additional research. I found two Revolutionary War ancestors in my Mom’s family and the DAR paperwork filled in quite a few blanks for me.

9 thoughts on “Finally a finish

  1. Denise Porter

    Was nice to see some of your quilts featured the other day on the QOV site with Alycia. Threw me off for a minute cause she called you Mollie! But then I realized why the quilts looked familiar — because I’d seen them here as they were completed and before they were shipped to Colorado!

  2. Marillyn Smith

    Love the quilt, but am so excited about your genealogy find. We have the major part done and online, but every once in awhile, we find out more. Keep plugging away!

  3. Cecile

    Cool about the family. I won a DAR writing award as a kid, and it was instrumental in making me who I am today. Oh yeah, nice job quilting. 😉

  4. Emily

    The quilt is beautiful! And congratulations on finding information on your Mom’s family. It’s wonderful to connect the missing information with the DAR documents.

    Take care.

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