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Another goal checked off the list

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Mom pieced this little quilt for me from a Connecting Threads kit. I always check their clearance stuff when I’m placing an order and this will make a cute quilt for me to keep at the condo in GA for the little ones. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to quilt it so I tossed it up on the design a week ago so I’d have to stare at it and think of options.


Still delaying, I went up to piece the back tonight and cut out another owl pillow.


After piecing the back, I decided what the heck and quilted it with the pantograph on the machine – Jilly by Keryn Emmerson.


I’ll get it trimmed and maybe even start the binding but I’ll take it with me next week and finish the binding by hand in GA.

An early morning outing

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It was dark when we left the house this morning to walk downtown … The full moon was still out and it was a brisk 30 degrees. Breakfast first and then we cast our absentee ballots. Another couple errands while I was downtown and I’d checked several things off this week’s list by 9:30 am.

Here’s Keith after performing his civic duty


I love the new shared photo streams in the latest operating system update (iOS6) for my iPhone and iPad. Chris & Becky and Adam have been slipping photos into the stream where they magically appear on my devices. Here’s one from this morning. Apparently Rae is a night owl like her Gram and I’m told her purple blanket is her favorite.


Not much accomplished today

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I did get Marsha’s 2nd Strips and Strings Log Cabin loaded and quilted — a swirly freehand design from the Pajama Quilter DVD called Dwirling. You know it’s a favorite of mine for these scrappy quilts. Dawn has two DVD’s and I always try to link to the DVD that has the specific design I’m showing and she makes it easy because she has a link that shows the back of the DVD so you can check before ordering if you’re inspired to buy … of course, I think both are worth having and I use designs from each of them.

Keith and I are heading out to cast our absentee votes tomorrow morning — hopefully I’ll be able to sleep some tonight.


Back to quilting

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Hoping to get at least 3 tops quilted this week in between my errands. The first one is done getting me off to a good start. This Strips and Strings Log Cabin top was pieced by Marsha.

It’s quilted with the pantograph Jilly from Keryn Emmerson – the top is flannel so there’s some really good loft and the quilting shows up well.

And it feels like Christmas as another box of backings arrived from Tish. Thanks to her I have lots of choice when it comes to pulling a backing for each of these HeartStrings tops. She writes that she feels blessed that she can help in this way but I’m the one who feels blessed to have someone give so generously. Each back she sends is well pieced, well pressed, squared up and ready to load on the longarm.


Let’s try this again

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Although I like the idea of a ‘Like’ button on the blog, I don’t particularly care for it to be connected to Facebook so I did some more searching for a WordPress plug in and found a ‘Thumb’s Up’ which is now at the bottom of each post so — if you stop by and like something but don’t feel the need to comment, you can still hit the thumb’s up to let me know you stopped by … And it doesn’t show up anywhere on your Facebook and you don’t need a Facebook account.