September’s UFO

Yep, even more binding. It’s a couple weeks late but my September UFO is now finished and for such a simple quilt, I love the result.


If anyone is interested in the details, I do have brief instructions for Homespun Rails on my website.

My quilt model needs a grooming appointment but I’m waiting to see how he does with the new meds before taking him in. He’s coming off the steroids now so the next week should tell us how he’s going to do.

7 thoughts on “September’s UFO

  1. Flatlander (Linda)

    REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like that quilt … I know it’s a Fence Rail but the homespuns really “spin” (sorry … I just HAD to pun it!!!) this quilt. Definitely on my “to do” list!!

  2. Diana Purdy

    Good Morning… Homespuns don’t usually catch my eye, but this one did! Love the colors! Good to see Chesty, will he be going with you when you go to see your family?

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