……more binding

Yes, I’m still binding. It’s a good activity when I’m feeling tired, doesn’t take that much effort but I’m still making progress!

These HeartStrings blocks were also made by Luisa and her friends in Italy.


Just two more left to bind but I need to get some quilting done too!

4 thoughts on “……more binding

  1. Lizzy Hentze

    I am loving that heartstrings quilt. The pieced centre strip is fabulous and really lifts the more subtle colours in the outer sections. I do adore the more colourful tops but this just looks so different and it really isn’t!!

  2. Flatlander (Linda)

    This is a great pattern … and it looks fairly simple. LOVE patterns that add “drama” because of color placement and an occasional different block that pulls your eye into the design. VERY NICE!!

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