Bad boy!

Every now and then Chesty decides to “nest” in my batting. Unfortunately this was a quilt already loaded but the good news was the ripped part was just inches below the top so I didn’t have to do any repairs.

I finished up this quilting tonight — this is October’s UFO and was inspired by JudyL’s┬áMonochromatic challenge last year. I didn’t participate but I love making Monochromatic quilts and surprisingly, the yellow challenge caught my eye. I designed a quilt in EQ7 and this is the result…it also looks great in RWB.

The pantograph is Whirlygig

5 thoughts on “Bad boy!

  1. Susan

    But isn’t it nice that he can still be a ‘puppy’, when he wants to be?

    Lovely quilt and quilting, as ever, Mary.

  2. Char

    You were pretty lucky. When I first started quilting a batting I had sitting out resting to remove the wrinkles was shredded by my cat. After that I started fluffing them in the dryer.

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