October’s UFO

Now I’m all caught up on my monthly UFO challenge. The instructions for this quilt along with a RWB version are on my website.


I like this one!


The pantograph is Whirlygig in case you missed the post the other day.

8 thoughts on “October’s UFO

  1. Chris

    Again these colors! Looks really good. I like the color combos when they are grouped with similar colors

  2. Dee Dee

    I really like this quilt and I copied off the pattern to make it out of RW&B – thanks for the inspiration Mollie.

  3. Nancy in CT

    Love it Mary. Looks so easy, if I’m reading the pattern right. I’m tempted to make this a group project for April. Also love the colors.

  4. AnnieO

    Very rich and cozy looking! Congrats on being all caught up on the challenge…I have a crazy quilt of partial finishes on my list 🙂

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