Two more Halloween cuties



5 Responses to “Two more Halloween cuties”

  • Eileen:


  • Cyndi Holguin:

    Just the cutiest ever.

  • SaraF:

    Cutie patooties!!!

  • Katherine:

    Is that the cat in the hat? My son was cat in the hat at 2 1/2 and he just loved that costume. I’ll never forget how delighted he was to find he had a tail!

    They are both super cute!

  • Marillyn Smith:

    How blessed yu are to have these two wonderful grands. Enjoy them! Safe travels next wek. We are of for Miami and a Caribbean cruise for a week. Can’t wait. I am almost packed. We have had company here from England for the past week. They left around 10 am this morning.

    Safe, great travels await you!


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