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Bad boy!

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Every now and then Chesty decides to “nest” in my batting. Unfortunately this was a quilt already loaded but the good news was the ripped part was just inches below the top so I didn’t have to do any repairs.

I finished up this quilting tonight — this is October’s UFO and was inspired by JudyL’s┬áMonochromatic challenge last year. I didn’t participate but I love making Monochromatic quilts and surprisingly, the yellow challenge caught my eye. I designed a quilt in EQ7 and this is the result…it also looks great in RWB.

The pantograph is Whirlygig

Sticky Notes app

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I downloaded this app to use for my knitting and while it was free, I had to do two “in app” purchases to unlock the ability to add photos and to save the board in my photos … I’d rather have just paid a couple bucks up front.

When I have a knitting pattern from a book, I find it easier to snap a photo using the iPad and work from that without having to carry the book around. I also like using post-it notes to make notes about a pattern and mark my place so this app works great for me. I know I could just photo copy the book page but this is nicer to work with and I always have my iPad with me.


I restarted this shawl today using larger needles and cast on more stitches … I’m hoping I still have enough yarn!!! I also loaded and started quilting October’s UFO. I might go back downstairs and quilt a little more later but for now I’m going to read a while.

The Pajama Quilter is having a sale

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Dawn’s having a sale on her Rethreaded DVD – buy the DVD and get the workbook free! I use designs from both the first DVD and the Rethreaded DVD frequently in my quilting.

A few of my favorites from the ReThreaded DVD
Butterflies ( the flowers in Emma’s quilt are from the first DVD)

Fern Ziggle

Fern Meander is a little trickier for me but I love the results!

Another fun one to quilt – Wonky Stars in Space

Like button for WordPress blogs

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Evelyn said she was looking for a “like” button like on Facebook for one of my posts and wouldn’t it be nice if blogs had them …. I decided to see if I could find one and now you can “Like” my posts but feel free to comment too!

Of course it will be very sad if no one “likes” me so if you stop by please let me know by hitting Like or leaving a comment.

I’m knitting cables

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I finished the purple shawl tonight and wove in all my yarn ends. It still needs blocking, fringe, and ribbon woven through it but I started new shawl. The yarn color is off some in the photo – it’s called aquamarine. The pattern is also from the Prayer Shawl Companion and its called Lacy Linen Stole although I don’t think it’s very lacy at this point. Maybe blocking will open it up some when I’m done.

My first ever cables.


It doesn’t get easier than this

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A Jelly Roll, my Boxed Squares pattern, and some Line Dancing. This one was pieced by Mom from a Jelly Roll that had been sitting around my sewing room for a couple years. It’s not a large quilt but perfect for someone to throw over their lap in a chair or wheelchair and it will go to a senior citizen from Mom’s church at Christmas through their Angel Tree.

If you’re a machine quilter and not familiar with Line Dancing you need to check it out. Easy freehand designs that follow the piecing with NO marking required.