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I love Autumn

Walking by the river with Chesty late this afternoon.


The last to be bound

This Halloween Coins quilt came from a group in CA and its the 6th of 6 quilts I had here needing binding. They’re all done so I will start quilting again tonight after Keith goes to bed since I seem to be back on a night schedule.


New photos from Chris

You’ll have to bear with me a while I’m sure as I share more baby photos. These came from Chris today. Their first family photo – Becky looks pretty darn good after the ordeal of labor and a c/section!


And little Rae, she’s smiling in SO many of her photos, her Mom smiles and laughs a lot so hopefully she have a wonderful personality like Becky does. I’m sure with clowns like her father and grandfather around she’ll have lots to laugh about.


A birth yesterday — A funeral today

Adam attended his grandfather’s funeral in VA today. I know Chris wished he could be there too but the timing with Rae’s birth made it impossible. Adam took some photos to share with both of us.


Tommy was my father-in-law from my first marriage and Chris and Adam’s grandfather — he was always very good to me and the boys. He’ll be missed.

Catching up

Here’s another HeartStrings quilt from donated blocks – bound and labeled! I love how different these can look. All simple, all using leftovers, all beautiful in my eyes.


And a big box of backings arrived today from Tish. She has been a blessing over the years sending me box after box of backings for all these HeartStrings tops.


You can see how productive I’ve been in the background … My railing is full but there might just be room for ONE more, that’s all I have left here to bind and then it will definitely be time to quilt some more.

Just a little before midnight

Reagan Rae
Time: 11:29 PM
Weight: 6lbs. 14oz.
Length: 19 3/4 in.


I think it’s special that she’s named after my Mom (Rae) and that she was born on my Mom and Dad’s anniversary.

Mom, baby, and Dad are all doing well.


It’s a long day for Becky and Chris and as I sit here waiting for news, I finished weaving in my yarn ends and have RaeRae’s blanket blocked and drying now.


……more binding

Yes, I’m still binding. It’s a good activity when I’m feeling tired, doesn’t take that much effort but I’m still making progress!

These HeartStrings blocks were also made by Luisa and her friends in Italy.


Just two more left to bind but I need to get some quilting done too!

September’s UFO

Yep, even more binding. It’s a couple weeks late but my September UFO is now finished and for such a simple quilt, I love the result.


If anyone is interested in the details, I do have brief instructions for Homespun Rails on my website.

My quilt model needs a grooming appointment but I’m waiting to see how he does with the new meds before taking him in. He’s coming off the steroids now so the next week should tell us how he’s going to do.

Doesn’t she look great?

By the end of the day tomorrow RaeRae should be here …. Doesn’t my DIL look wonderful? Chris shared this photo — he took it yesterday I think.


More binding

It’s a HeartStrings quilt and the blocks came all the way from Italy from Luisa and her friends.


Happy Birthday Chris


A significant birthday for my son, the loss of a grandparent today as he anticipates the birth of his daughter in the next couple days. I’m sending him all my love as he deals with both.

I’m binding

This HeartStrings quilt was finished last night. Pieced by Tish.


That’s one quilted, one bound since I’ve been home … Let’s see if I can get those numbers up this week.

Such a cutie!

It’s hard to believe we’ll have another addition to the family in about a week or so. Caleb will have a cousin!


Some UFO progress

How did it get to be the 12th of Oct already??

I’m behind on my UFO challenge so one of the goals this month will be to finish both September and October’s UFOs. This is my Homespun Rails which is September’s and I loaded and quilted it today. Just a really quick overall Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD.  I even got it trimmed and ready for binding.

I think Dwirling has become my go to “meander”. You know, that allover easy quilting you do on a scrappy top that just needs texture?

I need to make a “to do” list for the rest of the month now … with quilting and binding being the main goals before I leave again on another trip the beginning of next month.

Are you still there?

I’m home … It’s fall… Chesty is struggling with his allergies…. One day I may quilt again…but tomorrow is another library day.



The price I pay to travel — multiple delays and a missed connection but Delta upgraded me to first class for the Atlanta to Minneapolis leg and I will get home even if it’s the middle of the night and I’m 3 hours late!

On my needles

My shawl is coming along and I’ll work on it today as I travel home.


The pattern is from the book mentioned in this post and will have ribbons woven through it.


Here’s a nice article about HeartStrings written by Janelle on QuiltCentric.

Searching for family graves in NC

I made Mom pretty nervous when we were looking for some old family cemeteries that were on private property but she was happier when we got to the public cemetery where her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were buried.