A UFO for next year’s list

You must be tired of seeing this one but the top is done, that means it will now get set aside for a while before being quilted. Since its already November, it will go on my UFO list for next year and I get to start something new!


5 thoughts on “A UFO for next year’s list

  1. susan r

    I hadn’t read your blog in a few days so was suprised that you posted only one person picked the same border treatment at you. I went back and looked at the choices and have to say that I would have picked the same as you if I had read on the same day as the post. Very pretty quilt.

  2. Mary C in WA

    Looking good. Another Flimsy TBQ (to be quilted). My list is divided between the flimsies (TBQ) and wanna be flimsies (UFO). I didn’t weigh in on the border choices, but the quilt talked to you and it all worked out!

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