I did say they’re quick! Love the fabric combinations on this Quick Strippie.



I’ve got fabric here for one more but I’m going to save it to piece on Monday and knit for a while now.


5 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Deb B

    Mary, If I wanted to make up one of these how much of each fabric do you use? (I’m thinking toddler quilt and twin sizes – either one…)

    Thanks! Deb

  2. Linda

    Hi Mollie
    I love this pattern. I have used it lots. I make it as a quilt as you go. Works fantastic straight onto Polar fleece, just the binding to go and it’s finished.

    New baby looks very cuddly



  3. Gina

    I piece these strip quilts on the long arm as I’m quilting them. Layer the backing and batting as usual. Lay down the first strip and anchor it down. Then add the second strip, right sides together to the first and stitch through all layers. Fold down and continue. If the strips are too wide, I go back after the whole thing is done and add additional on those strips or the whole quilt.

  4. Sara

    Love these quilts! I have quite a bit of fabric leftover from another baby quilt, and I can see a strippy quilt in its future!

    I am also so awed by your knitting 2 socks at once!

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