Time for photos

Keith, Adam, and Caleb arrived today. 20121110-214501.jpg

Such a sweet boy


The proud parents!


And a snapshot with Gram and Pop


12 Responses to “Time for photos”

  • ann:

    What a beautiful family!

  • Linda in NE:

    Aren’t grandkids great?

  • Lovely family photos.

  • Does Caleb ever stop smiling? He is so cute. You have some lovely family memories in those photos.

  • Penny G:

    Family time is so precious. I love to see how the smiles multiply as all the favorite people congregate! Beautiful pictures of family moments. You needed my husband to walk by and volunteer to take the picture so you could have all been in it. Our favorite pastime!

  • Sandy K:

    Love the Gram and Pops photo This is one for your desk.
    Nice to have all or your family together.

  • Flatlander (Linda):

    Seriously … that is the BEST (ever) picture of you and Keith … with your grandchildren. How blessed you all are!! I am so happy for you 😉

  • Emily:

    Mollie, Wonderful pictures of you and your family. So glad to know you all are together enjoying these special memories!

    Take care,

  • Diana Purdy:

    Great family pictures! Caleb and Rae look so happy to be with Gram and Pop! And you look like you and Keith so happy, being Grandparents looks good on you two!

  • Tanya:

    Lovely family photos! Your family is growing and you look much too young to have grand children!

  • Lori-Marie:

    Oh my what a “BEAUTIFUL” family! 🙂
    I just saw this and really how sweet 🙂
    So glad you all had this time together.
    You are blessed~

  • Evelyn:

    Enjoy your visit! Wonderful photos! I like to make family photo albums on Blurb or Snapfish – have you tried that? Cheers! Evelyn

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