Homemade soup for dinner, a fire and a movie.


FYI – we’re not rushing Xmas, the pine tree stays up year round here in Big Canoe.

4 Responses to “Peaceful”

  • It’s a lovely scene. My feet would be up, and I would be knitting. A glass of wine would be on the side table.

  • Penny G:

    Thanks your peaceful picture was a welcome relief after a stressful call with a friend. I hate inheritance squabbles. Ah breathe beautiful fire, well lit tree and the feel of a comfy cabin. Thanks for the respite.

  • Lindsey in UK:

    What a lovely scene! Ah, to be beside a warm fire, especially at christmas time! Love the idea of christmas tree being up all year! What a pretty picture! thanks for sharing!

  • Robin:

    So cozy and peaceful looking.

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