All closed up

All my quilting supplies are put away and the sewing machine is closed up. We don’t head home just yet but I’m done with my projects. Four tops pieced from Wednesday to Thursday…3 of them were small but still a very productive week here in GA!


On today’s agenda … A good audio book and knitting!

4 thoughts on “All closed up

  1. Angie

    You are always so productive. Wonderful finish! My Kindle is collecting dust as I have become addicted to audio books which I don’t listen to on the Kindle, instead I download them from our local library (free) onto my Sanza Fuze player. I love to listen to books while I do machine embroidery or piecing. I even listen while I cook. Are you listening to one of the books on your Shelfari book case?

  2. Jean

    Looks like you have had a very busy, family filled life lately! So far behind on reading blogs, but glad to see you are quilting up a storm!

  3. Penny G

    They always say if you need something done ask a busy person – you are a person that made that concept work. I am thinking of you in front of the fire knitting and listening to the book. Be at peace!

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