Dog Park

It was a beautiful afternoon so after we got home from our visit with Rae we headed out to the dog park with Chesty.


4 thoughts on “Dog Park

  1. Marillyn Smith

    Wonderful pictures. But I know how much you will miss those little ones. Beautiful children. I feel you have had a wonderful vacation away from everything and were able to just do what you felt like doing. Quilting and knitting included with the babies Chesty and Keith. So glad you enjoyed it and kept the condo!



  2. Penny G

    Again a wonderful, casual day enjoying what you have. People need to know where the parks in their area are and what they are good for. By the way Chesty thinks you guys rock!

  3. Flatlander (Linda)

    That’s funny how Chesty is positioned to get into the car. My Sadie Anne goes CRAZY with excitement at the mere mention of a car ride … she’s a great little traveler and is often my “front seat dog”.

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