Yikes! Two weeks away

We’re home and as usual, Chesty traveled very well which I’m always grateful for! The first item on the agenda was going through two weeks of mail!!! Now I’m going to head out to get a bite to eat and then come home and grab the pile of bills and pay them … Luckily, that’s NOT the big pile in the middle of the counter.


That little striped item is a set of straight needles I’d forgotten I’d ordered … Nice to have them all in one place. I also came home to the new Log Cabin Accuquilt Die. Going to be hard but I have a few things on the list to take care of before I can play with that one.

6 thoughts on “Yikes! Two weeks away

  1. Penny G

    A log cabin die sounds fun, but I have found that for me. Paper piecing is the best way to a great log cabin block.

  2. Evelyn

    I think it would be so fun to have one of those cutters. Log cabin is one of my all time favorite patterns! I think that having the die would help you utilize your fabric in the best way possible. My current method is cutting all my strips WOF, sewing and then whacking the remainder off so eventually I have to hang all the bits on a folding clothes rack to keep track of which strips have more/less length. Of course, using this method, I have TONS of left over strips of various lengths so then, eventually, I start the process all over again on another log cabin. Most of my siblings have one at this point in time! So go ahead – get your chores done because your blog readers (well, me at least!) want to see what you are going to create! Cheers! Evelyn

  3. shirley bruner

    I just got that log cabin die the other day myself. i cut many strips of black and red….made 1 block to see how cute it is….and put the rest in a box for another day. love it

  4. vera carr

    Thats the bad side of going away,the catching up. On patchworktimes there where pic’s of knitted socks the girls had made. thought you might be interested in checking them out. Wig.

  5. Julia Schroeder

    Hey Mary, did ya know that die was designed by Leslie Mann, of Country Traditions in Fremont, NE? She and hubby are the owners of the the quilt shop we visited for each of the NE Heartstrings Sew-ins? Leslie is now on the Accuquilt board!!! I have not ordered one, yet, but did see a video of Leslie showing now to use it!! Besides all of that … Accuquilt has asked Lincoln QOV to display in their gallery, new store in Omaha!!

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