Log Cabin

I’m going to blame Shirley!

I went upstairs to piece a back for the Tessellating Pinwheels top that I finished before my trip and started eyeing potential fabrics for a log cabin quilt using my new die. After pulling a bunch of brown and green fabrics, I read Shirley’s comment and remembered that I had a bundle of black and white fat quarters.

I figured I could make 36 eight inch blocks from that bundle so pulled some reds to go with it and played a bit in EQ. I think this is where I’m going but I might change the layout – after all there are lots of choices with Log Cabin blocks.


I cut the first 8 blocks and got them sewn…. would have been quick if I hadn’t had to pick out a couple rounds when I wasn’t paying attention. To make my blocks scrappy, I cut 8 different B/W prints and 8 reds… more fabrics will be added in as I go.

As cut

After “shuffling” the stacks


16 thoughts on “Log Cabin

  1. Gina

    Ae you using the 1.5″ accuquilt strip die for cutting? I saw you posted that you got a log cabin die and thought that might be what you are using.

  2. Diane

    I love those colors. I watched the video on the new log cabin die. Do you really like it? I haven’t ordered it yet but it looked pretty neat to cut and sew up. Can’t wait to see your progress.

  3. Sandy K

    My log cabin die just came into my quilting store where I ordered it from. I am hoping to pick it up this week. My question Mollie is if using only two color waves how many of fat quarters would the whole quilt take. You said you needed to add to what you have. I do not have EQ so I do not have that tool to help me figure out the amount of fabric needed. Maybe it tells you on the paper work with the die.

  4. Jean

    This is going to be stunning. It would even be a terrific quilt for a man’s gift. He couldn’t help but love it.

  5. Emily

    Hi Mollie;

    I am interested in answers to Gina’s, Diane’s and Sandy’s answers too! LOL. I have the Accuquilt Studio and I have been looking at that particular die.

    Take care.

  6. shirley bruner

    Oh….now you are inspiring ME…i love the extra on the top and bottom to make it rectangular. i’m gonna steal that idea….thanks. looking great.

    BTW, hope your security question never gets into algebra….i think my brain has forgotten that. LOL

  7. Connie Griffin

    Looks great, Mary! I have a question about the die, though…are you having any trouble with the fabric sticking in the die, at the corners where the blades come together? The reason I ask is that my 2″ die does that, and it’s really aggravating!

  8. Evelyn

    Glad to see you using that die! How fun! Did you shuffle each stack individually? I would think that you could just take the top 1 and put it to the bottom in stack 1, then take the top 2 and put it to the bottom of stack 2 – working your way all the way up to the end – it would be a “controlled” shuffle! I like the scrappiness of log cabins too! Cheers! Evelyn

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