Lots of questions

I wasn’t sure how the log cabin die would work either but I knew I could figure it out once it arrived.

They suggest you put address labels on the die to label each strip but I just wrote it in with a sharpie. Here’s the full die and the largest block you can make is 12 inches finished.


My fat quarter is not long enough to cover the die so I decided to go with an 8 inch finished block which will use 1-8 on the die.


To cut one block you’d cover those 8 blades with a black/white fabric and a red fabric. Because I want a scrappy quilt, I’m cutting 8 reds and 8 black/whites for each 8 blocks and then mixing the fabrics up in the block. You could make a two color quilt and just use two fabrics but I like scrappy quilts. Here are my first 8 blocks cut … You’ll see that there are 8 black/white pieces and 8 red. I showed them mixed up in yesterday’s post so I won’t show that photo again.


Once I have them cut and laid out … this is the order of piecing.


The strips finish at 1 inch so if you count across both ways you will see there are 8 logs. In my particular block, the last red round is NOT used. I’ve set that aside and will either use them in the piano key border or toss them in my string bins.

Here are my first few blocks tossed up on the design wall


6 thoughts on “Lots of questions

  1. Emily

    Mollie, thank you so much for the information. I have not had my Studio very long and am just getting my sewing room set up to use it. I love the log cabin block and I think it is wonderful that Accuquilt has the die. Will have to ask “Santa” for this one!

    Take care.

  2. ForestJane

    I’d have sworn I had you on facebook, but tried to search you and couldn’t find you. 😉

    But you answered my question about the die – I was wondering about just using the bottom half of the die and making smaller squares. Thanks! I think this is going to be my birthday present to myself.

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