It’s snowing!


4 Responses to “It’s snowing!”

  • Diana Purdy:

    Oh noooooo! We had 3 inches right after Sandy blew thru…. that’s enough for me, winter can be over. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Keith and Chesty!

  • Angie:

    No not yet, please. My son is getting married December 15th and I don’t drive in snow. It makes me nervous. Can wait til after New Year’s or maybe never.

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  • Bring it on! I love the snow and the crisp bright cold air of winter. Somebody else can keep the hot sticky misery of summer’s humidity. I’ll be snuggled under my quilts. Yeay!

  • Flatlander (Linda):

    I love, love, love snow. And, no, I do NOT need to see a psychiatrist! LOL

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