Becky is so good to us

I’m missing Rae but my DIL is sending lots of photos …. A few of my favorites.


We also missed FaceTiming with Caleb last night … Got caught up in decorating our small tree, listening to Xmas music and then a movie on TV. I’ll try to catch him tonight. For the record, this is very early for me to have the tree up but we’re gone a lot before Xmas and decided we’d put it up now or else it wouldn’t be worth putting up at all this year.


9 Responses to “Becky is so good to us”

  • Linda in TX:

    Little Rae is adorable! And Becky sounds like a gift of a DIL!

  • Penny G:

    Such a great group of pictures to share her daily life. Hope the decorations make the season bright!

  • Oh, how absolutely adorable! I am doing some online shoping myself today…no stores for me!! Julierose

  • Cindy B.:

    What a cutie! I like the dimple in the top of her right knee.

  • So cute!

    We have a “live” tree and in the summer heat it traditionally doesn’t go up till 24 December and comes down on 6th January. But we are hosting the family Christmas party on 16 December so I guess it will go up on 15th!

  • SaraF:

    Such a sweet and darling baby.

  • She’s beautiful!! I remember when my youngest was born while we were living in Michigan and the rest of our family lived in PA. We had to take the pictures then remember to develop and mail them. Now we can see our grandchildren with the click of a button!!

  • Carol:

    What a lovely thoughtful DIL you have. Your Granddaughter is beautiful and so alert to her surroundings I bet she will be spoilt and deservedly so?

  • Mary:

    Merry Christmas from Canada.
    Your little Rae is such a delicate little girl, I’m so happy that you have one of each now.
    I had to wait until I was 68 to have a grandson, but now I too am one of those excessive Grannies. They are soo special.

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