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I’ve had a few questions on the iPad app I use for designing quilts. First, I still use and find EQ7 the easiest quilt software to use BUT I use my iPad way more than I use my laptop these days and I never carry the laptop with me when I travel. TouchDraw is my favorite of the many drawing and quilting apps I’ve tried. I also find it more helpful than EQ7 when I want to show a series of steps in assembling a block or top because I can draw them all and export the drawings individually or as a group and I frequently use this feature to demonstrate block or quilt assembly on my blog and in my instructions.

It is an app that you WILL want to read the instructions for use. Learning how to quickly duplicate, group, and rotate blocks helps when you need to set each block into place.

I begin my quilt by drawing my shapes and then duplicate and color them as I set them into the quilt. Once I have a couple rows or sections ‘built’ I then copy and duplicate the larger sections so I don’t have to build the entire quilt block by block. For the most part I leave the snap to grid feature on for easy assembly but sometimes it helps to take it off when I want to expand my blocks to show the individual pieces.

Here’s a screenshot of my Bricks and Stones design board.


4 thoughts on “TouchDraw app

  1. Lee

    I have never tried designing my own pattern. I think I will have to sneak my daughter’s ipad when she’s at school and try this! thanks

  2. Lynne

    I laughed! I, too, use my iPad way more than my computer these days! I designed another scrappy colourful knitted blanket the other day — using grid paper and coloured pencils!

  3. Mary C.

    Wow, Mary! I was just thinking the same thing. I hardly use my EQ6 on my old PC anymore, now that I just love my mac & ipad. Thanks for the input on how to continue to work with my ideas on my ipad. I will definitely try out TouchDraw.

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