Just in time

These two tied quilts were pieced by a group in CA and I finished them just in time as their next ‘shipment’ arrived yesterday. 11 more HeartStrings tops.


Blue and red center strings are our standard colors and I never get tired of seeing these quilts.


I used pieced backs from Tish on both of these. I chose them carefully, picking ones that had similar shades of red (and blue) so that the binding would look good as I wrapped the backing around to the front … Consistent overall but having the interest of a pieced binding as you looked closer.


Although I work alone most days, I always feel connected to something larger than just me when I’m working on HeartStrings group quilts.

6 thoughts on “Just in time

  1. Julierose

    Love these two colorways–both are beautiful. Heartstrings will be singing for sure. Thank you for your machine binding tip on the last post; never even thought of using an embroidery machine stitch (duh) and my machine has a lot of them. Do you use special thread ? Julierose

  2. Lynne

    Lovely! The centre strings must make it easier to mix and match individual blocks — what a simple but clever idea!

    Like you, I feel part of something bigger when I am working on quilts for our community quilting group.

  3. Carol

    Just yummy reminds me of strawberry jam and warm summer days.
    Someone is going to be thrilled with these quilts. Well done everyone it warms the heart to see people care.

  4. Emily

    Mollie, Love the back on the quilt! You did a great job in coordinating it to the quilt. You ladies do a wonderful work in helping others.
    Take care,

  5. Evelyn

    Two more great quilts! I especially like the pieced back technique – it is almost like getting 2 quilts in 1. Heartstrings sure is a great “community” effort, I can see how you most certainly would feel connected to everyone while working on these quilts! Cheers! Evelyn

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