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On my needles

It doesn’t look like much progress but this cabled shawl is slow going. I have to admit that I set it aside for a little while today for some uncomplicated knitting on my socks too.


One last visit tomorrow to see RaeRae before we head home. Where did the time go?

All closed up

All my quilting supplies are put away and the sewing machine is closed up. We don’t head home just yet but I’m done with my projects. Four tops pieced from Wednesday to Thursday…3 of them were small but still a very productive week here in GA!


On today’s agenda … A good audio book and knitting!

Charmed Squares

Love how this one turned out! While I kind of flew by the seat of my pants on this, I did post some instructions on the website in case you’re interested in my measurements, etc.



Homemade soup for dinner, a fire and a movie.


FYI – we’re not rushing Xmas, the pine tree stays up year round here in Big Canoe.

An easy adult quilt

I stopped by the quilt store on Saturday because with Adam’s visit on the weekend versus Mon/Tue/Wed I was going to have extra sewing days. I needed something quick and easy so I decided I would piece a Happy Blocks top.

One charm pack, two coordinating fabrics and I could make a top that was set 6×7 blocks and measure 51 x 68. When got home I saw that there were about 8 mostly solid squares in the charm pack and I didn’t want to use them as is. I decided I could cut a square and frame those twice … Since I could get 4 squares from each charm … I could increase the size of the quilt …. I chose to set the blocks 7×9 which would measure 59.5 x 76.5 …. A very nice size for a donation quilt and rather than using novelties like we did for our HeartStrings Happy Block Project, the colors and fabrics make this suitable for an adult.

For a while I worried whether I’d bought enough of the framing fabric but knew I could always change my setting to 6×8 or 7×8 if I didn’t have enough fabric. Usually this isn’t an issue for me because I am either working very scrappy and have plenty of fabric in the stash to substitute or I’ve worked up the quilt in EQ before starting and have an actual plan.

Luckily it’s all worked out and I’m just about finished piecing the blocks.


I made a similar one a couple years ago but was able to add fabrics from my stash to supplement the charm park. Since I didn’t have that option … Adding in the pieced blocks worked well. So if you have just one Charm Pack sitting around and don’t know what to do with it this would be a good, quick, option!

Another Strippie pieced


Time for photos

Keith, Adam, and Caleb arrived today. 20121110-214501.jpg

Such a sweet boy


The proud parents!


And a snapshot with Gram and Pop


On my needles

I brought the cable shawl with me but yesterday I worked on the socks instead. I’ll probably put these aside now until the trip home.


I also felt like sewing more last night so the 2nd Strippie just has a few more seams to be sewn on Monday. I really need to keep more projects here.


I did say they’re quick! Love the fabric combinations on this Quick Strippie.



I’ve got fabric here for one more but I’m going to save it to piece on Monday and knit for a while now.


On today’s agenda

A Quick Strippie




Hurricane Sandy – quilts

If you’re here reading my blog, you probably know that most of my time is spent in making and donating quilts to those in need. With my HeartStrings group we encourage people to donate locally when possible because there is always need in our local communities but when disasters occur, we naturally want to do something to help. I posted the following message on our HeartStrings group earlier and wanted to share it here too if anyone is looking for an organization that is collecting quilts for distribution.

With a disaster on the scale of Hurricane Sandy everyone feels the need to help in some way and as quilters that means making quilts for those affected by the disaster.

While we don’t have an official project for this disaster, I know there are
those of you that would like to make and send quilts and I’ve read of two places that are accepting them.

Bonnie Hunter blogged today about a project – I especially like that Bonnie
mentions that tied quilts are fine too. If you’ve never tied a quilt,
instructions can be found on my site.

eQuilter is also coordinating a quilt relief project as someone else already

Both projects will be ongoing so you have time to make and send a quilt and
don’t forget that the most urgent need is for monetary donations – if you
haven’t already and are in a position to, please consider donating to the Red
Cross or another relief organization.

Forest Bricks

My Forest Bricks quilt remains one of my all time favorite quilts I’ve made. I love all the greens with the brown sashing but it looks great in other color schemes too. Lauren sent me a photo of her Forest Bricks using reds and black & white and I think it looks great.


A nearly perfect day

Since I finished the bow tie top earlier … after dinner I made a fire and knit a while on my socks while I listened to my current audio book.


The plan

We’ve debated our plan for retirement but currently ‘the plan’ is that we’d spend part of our time here in GA and part of our time traveling or if I have my way … in Maine. Every now and then when I’m not here at Big Canoe I wonder if that will really work for us but when I’m here, there is no doubt. While I wouldn’t want to live here year round ( I’d miss the ocean, the ability to walk to nearby restaurants and shops) it has a lot to offer and it’s a very beautiful place. I had dinner tonight at the restaurant on the lake and other than missing Keith it was just perfect.


It’s little but cute!

Chris and Becky gave me a Leisure Art book with Charm Quilt patterns at Christmas along with a couple charm packs. The quilts in the book are really small – 32 inches square in the case of this one but cute. It makes a nice baby quilt and it was really easy to pack up to bring with me … The charm pack, a background fabric, and the book.


I will say that I like the idea of charm packs more than I like actually sewing with them. Accuracy can be challenging when you are working with those pinked edges although I’m used to compensating for less than perfect piecing!


It’s also nice to work on something that can be pieced from start to finish in a day.

All set to sew

The view from my living room …. I never get tired of it!


After a walk with Chesty, I’m all set to sew today.


In about 5 minutes, my sewing table, cutting area, and ironing board are set up and I’m ready to go.




I finished this binding Sunday night. It will stay here at Big Canoe for the kids to use.


Cuddle Time

Just me, my Kindle, and TWO babies on a rainy morning!