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TouchDraw app

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I’ve had a few questions on the iPad app I use for designing quilts. First, I still use and find EQ7 the easiest quilt software to use BUT I use my iPad way more than I use my laptop these days and I never carry the laptop with me when I travel. TouchDraw is my favorite of the many drawing and quilting apps I’ve tried. I also find it more helpful than EQ7 when I want to show a series of steps in assembling a block or top because I can draw them all and export the drawings individually or as a group and I frequently use this feature to demonstrate block or quilt assembly on my blog and in my instructions.

It is an app that you WILL want to read the instructions for use. Learning how to quickly duplicate, group, and rotate blocks helps when you need to set each block into place.

I begin my quilt by drawing my shapes and then duplicate and color them as I set them into the quilt. Once I have a couple rows or sections ‘built’ I then copy and duplicate the larger sections so I don’t have to build the entire quilt block by block. For the most part I leave the snap to grid feature on for easy assembly but sometimes it helps to take it off when I want to expand my blocks to show the individual pieces.

Here’s a screenshot of my Bricks and Stones design board.


One last Log Cabin photo

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See how the promise of starting a new quilt spurs me on through my least favorite part — assembling the top. I promise, this is the last photo of this quilt for a while. The top is done and will be set aside for a while before it’s turn for quilting comes up. It will probably end up on next year’s UFO challenge list.  It looks like there’s a lot of overly dark strips right in the center but the whites in those strips are much more noticeable in person so that dark spot doesn’t jump out like it does in the photo.

If interested, you can find brief instructions for the Log Cabin quilt on my website.

Bricks and Stones

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I am in such a piecing mode right now … So as I finish up the borders on the Log Cabin, I’m already thinking about the next quilt. I’ve got fabric pulled for a Half Log Cabin but I think I want to do another one in between so I spent a little while putting this idea on the iPad this morning. It’s one that’s been floating around in my head for months … Simple … Uses my brick, circle, chisel, and 3 inch half square triangle dies, and I think I have a set of fat quarters that will work.


Hopefully having a plan for the next quilt will motivate me to finish the log cabin top but I’ve also got my November UFO and a couple tied quilts on the agenda before my next trip so we’ll see how much I get done.

No photo?

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I made a mini top today to highlight some design ideas/issues for a quilt that Habitat for Humanity is contemplating for their new offices and didn’t even get a photo. How fun to have the opportunity to give some input.

I also managed to finish the log cabin blocks today and am ready to start assembling the quilt center.


Lots of questions

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I wasn’t sure how the log cabin die would work either but I knew I could figure it out once it arrived.

They suggest you put address labels on the die to label each strip but I just wrote it in with a sharpie. Here’s the full die and the largest block you can make is 12 inches finished.


My fat quarter is not long enough to cover the die so I decided to go with an 8 inch finished block which will use 1-8 on the die.


To cut one block you’d cover those 8 blades with a black/white fabric and a red fabric. Because I want a scrappy quilt, I’m cutting 8 reds and 8 black/whites for each 8 blocks and then mixing the fabrics up in the block. You could make a two color quilt and just use two fabrics but I like scrappy quilts. Here are my first 8 blocks cut … You’ll see that there are 8 black/white pieces and 8 red. I showed them mixed up in yesterday’s post so I won’t show that photo again.


Once I have them cut and laid out … this is the order of piecing.


The strips finish at 1 inch so if you count across both ways you will see there are 8 logs. In my particular block, the last red round is NOT used. I’ve set that aside and will either use them in the piano key border or toss them in my string bins.

Here are my first few blocks tossed up on the design wall


Log Cabin

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I’m going to blame Shirley!

I went upstairs to piece a back for the Tessellating Pinwheels top that I finished before my trip and started eyeing potential fabrics for a log cabin quilt using my new die. After pulling a bunch of brown and green fabrics, I read Shirley’s comment and remembered that I had a bundle of black and white fat quarters.

I figured I could make 36 eight inch blocks from that bundle so pulled some reds to go with it and played a bit in EQ. I think this is where I’m going but I might change the layout – after all there are lots of choices with Log Cabin blocks.


I cut the first 8 blocks and got them sewn…. would have been quick if I hadn’t had to pick out a couple rounds when I wasn’t paying attention. To make my blocks scrappy, I cut 8 different B/W prints and 8 reds… more fabrics will be added in as I go.

As cut

After “shuffling” the stacks


Yikes! Two weeks away

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We’re home and as usual, Chesty traveled very well which I’m always grateful for! The first item on the agenda was going through two weeks of mail!!! Now I’m going to head out to get a bite to eat and then come home and grab the pile of bills and pay them … Luckily, that’s NOT the big pile in the middle of the counter.


That little striped item is a set of straight needles I’d forgotten I’d ordered … Nice to have them all in one place. I also came home to the new Log Cabin Accuquilt Die. Going to be hard but I have a few things on the list to take care of before I can play with that one.