Late but safe and sound

We arrived home last night late but safe and sound. Since the problem was the de-icer in the tail and the airport looked like this when we arrived, we were happy to get off the plane and back on another one without issues!


There’s a lot on today’s agenda – I have to get some things ready for mailing, I may or may not actually get to the post office today, catch up on email, sort through the mail and pay bills. I might even find time to work on the quilt on the design wall and/or load a top on the longarm. Lots to do before the next trip.

6 thoughts on “Late but safe and sound

  1. Emily

    Mollie, glad you arrived home safely. Your weather makes my toes curl! Boy, do I remember Minnesota at Christmas-time. One year, there was 22 inches on the ground when we were there. Number 3 grandson was born in Bemidji.
    Keep warm!

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