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Some people publish a list of their favorite books during the year but choosing favorite books requires too much effort on my part. I love to read, mostly mysteries and pictured below are some of the books I’ve read this year … But mostly it’s a list of many of my favorite authors – a much easier list for me to make!

I love reading books that have the same characters running through them. Even better is discovering a new author and reading a series from start to finish. I did that earlier this year for the Laurie R King books and am in the process of reading the books by Donna Leon. The site Stop You’re Killing Me is very helpful and lists books in the order they’ve been written and published. When I start a new series like the Donna Leon books – I copy the list onto my iPad and order the Kindle books a couple at a time. Occasionally I’ll find one or two that aren’t available in an ebook and I’ll order the paperback from Amazon. The Donna Leon books have been especially fun because we visited Venice earlier this year.


13 thoughts on “Reading list

  1. Shari in AZ

    Your list looks a lot like the books my DH has read. I have a narrower list of authors, but the same subjects.

  2. Brenda in Namibia

    Have you tried the Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George? This has a nice continuing story line for the characters apart from the murder mysteries.

  3. SharO

    Thank you so much for the book site. It is AWESOME. I also like to go back to the beginning of a series and follow it through.
    William Kent Krueger is a favorite and right now I’m reading Steve Hamilton.
    Sally Goldenbaum is part of a knitting club. Such good women/friends
    story line.

  4. Sara

    Ah, yes, love the series approach too. Am working through the Louise Penny books now. I also see you have the Dana Stabenow Alaska mysteries–those books would make me cold just to read them!

  5. DianeY

    I do the same thing in working my way through authors. I see you have Nelson DeMille on your list-I just finished his latest, too. If you like those, you might adore David Baldacchi. He is my favorite & very similar to DeMille.

  6. susan rizzi

    I can’t thank you enough for the link to that awesome website! I love to read and some of my favorites are the D.J.Robb “Death” series, all of the Kellermans (husband & wife), David Baldacchi, and others who I can’t remember right now – that’s why the website will be one of my favorites, I am sure.

    Have an great holiday!

  7. SaraF

    You and I read mostly the same authors. Cussler is one of my favorite authors over the years as his books are so action packed with some humor as well. Just a fun read. My husband also loves a lot of these authors so they get read on both Kindles (his and mine). I just worked my way through the entire Michael Connelly mystery series with the Harry Bosch character.

  8. Charleen

    Looks like we share many of the same books too. Some of the other series authors I like are Michael Connelly, Lisa Scottoline, Laura Lippman, and David Baldacci.

  9. Pam C

    Have you read Lee Child’e Jack Reacher series? I am almost to the end of those. There is a movie coming out with Tom Cruise playing the main character. I don’t know if I will watch that. I don’t care for TC and he is like 5’6″ and JR is 6’5″, blond with blue eyes. Go figure.

  10. Barb in MI

    I so agree with reading series books – and am glad to find Dana Stabenow on your list! Discovered her this year and love her books. Have to check out your otehr listings. Happy reading!

  11. Sarah

    Have you read any of Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie series? Intricately plotted and very entertaining. There are four in the series with a fifth on the way. She caught my attention last year when she published “Left Early, Took My Dog.” With a title like that, how can you lose?

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