You know how the commercial goes

$$ spent at Michael’s for yarn; time spent crocheting with Mom ~ PRICELESS!


What a treasure these times are for us!

10 thoughts on “You know how the commercial goes

  1. Diana Purdy

    So happy for the both of you! You will always cherish these memories that you are making. Such a happy smile!

  2. SaraF

    Absolutely a picture (and time) to treasure! I wish I had pictures of my mom crocheting or sewing or gardening because that is how I best remember her. But we didn’t ever think to take any pictures I guess.

  3. Cyndi Holguin

    I love it. I miss doing things with my mom. She did not sew but she loved to cook and bake and feed her animals. I loved going over on Saturdays to do things with her just us two. Enjoy your time together.

  4. Marillyn Smith

    My mom loved to sew, paint, do needlepoint and knit. She lost her sight in her 80’s from a hemmorage on her pituitary gland (surgeons nipped the optic nerve). She still tried to knit by feel. She would always buy yarn when we went to the knitting store. She made beautiful clothes and taught me how to sew. In her later years, I taught her how to quilt. I finished a lap quilt from one she had started – gave it too her after she fell and broke her hip . It was at her 90th b-day party, 111 degrees…but she was so thrilled to have it. Another project we had made together. She napped on the couch in the den and in her bed with that quilt. She was thrilled and just loved it. We lost her at 91 in August. I had spent most of the summer with her. Days I will remember forever. Her health declined but her spirits were high and she was sharp as a tack. We finally had to leave to come home and a few days after leaving we got the call that she had gone to sleep. She was ready to go as she felt she had no quality of life left and told us that summer…I’m ready to cash in my chips., but so glad I could spend those special times with her. I miss her, my dad and older brother so much all year long. So glad you are going to have wonderful memories of your Mom as well. Enjoy and cherish those special times.


  5. Lynne

    I’m glad you are having this precious time!

    After spending a week with my mother at the beginning of the month for her cataract surgery, she’ll be here to enjoy the great-grandsons for a week next Thursday!

  6. Flatlander (Linda)

    Treasure every moment. I still have my mom and I love creating those moments and memories with her. God bless! Linda

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