It’s Christmas Eve

We arrived home last night and after being gone, Keith’s first task was to run out and get groceries for our holiday meals … Only the battery in the car was dead. Luckily a neighbor gave him a jump and after going to replace it, he’ll get the grocery shopping done.


7 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Eve

  1. Linda in NE

    Merry Christmas!! The cold weather does a number on batteries, doesn’t it. At least Keith went right out and replaced it. My DH would have messed around for weeks before admitting it just needed to be replaced…..and I would have got real good with the battery charger.

  2. Penny G

    That is the worst feeling on a holiday. Hopefully all went well and he is home with lots of groceries.

  3. Carol

    Nice helpful people spreading the Christmas cheer. Glad everything worked out well. Enjoy your turkey and keep warm.

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