Bound and labeled


That was UFO #12 for the year and it will be the last one finished.

9 Responses to “Bound and labeled”

  • Lynne:

    Beautiful quilt, best use of leftovers I’ve seen. I just love your website!!! Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family – thank you for sharing them with us. Best wishes for the new year.

  • Diana Purdy:

    This is such a happy quilt! Love all the bright colors!

  • Florence Kensek:

    Your quilt is stunning! And I love all of your hats. You certainly accomplish things very quickly.
    I, too, love your warm, homey blog and check it every day. I love the photos of your beautiful family!
    Happy, Peace-filled New Year!

  • Marillyn Smith:

    Oh, I do love this quilt. I made this pattern for a newborn in the family. He was born with Down’s and he still loves this quilt. Our little Nicholas is so special and doing very well. He is our Grand Nephew… Sounds as if your Christmas was nice with your visit with mom and the baby. Ours was wonderful too – had a great time at Todd & Laura’s with lots of kids and their parents there to celebrate on Xmas eve. Sending wishes for a very Happy New Year for you and Keith and the family. We are staying in and trying to get rid of this cold/cough garbage thing.



  • Dee Dee:

    Hi Mollie,

    Love this quilt. Thanks for sharing all your great quilts.

    Happy New Year!

  • Liz:

    What a lovely cheerful finish!

  • I love the dark left corner piece playing with the strings on the right! Beautiful!

  • Kathy Miller:

    Very striking, Mary. Thanks for sharing.

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