Obsessed with hats

Super cute pattern but I don’t like the recommended yarn – too stiff which is disappointing because I went out and bought several skeins of it. I’ve just been playing around with these in yarns from Joann’s but I think I will order some Knit Picks yarn.


I didn’t put the beak on and can’t decide whether it needs it or not. I have a yellow or a brown yarn but not a gold one.

10 thoughts on “Obsessed with hats

  1. Lynne

    I think I would put the beak on — use the yellow. Is it a natural fibre? You could dull it off a little by soaking it in tea or coffee!

  2. Cindy Kuipers

    Is the yarn acrylic? I have had good luck softening up acrylic yarn by steaming it. Hold your iron a few inches above the item DO NOT LET THE IRON TOUCH IT and press the steam button on your iron. Do this all over the item, then let it lay flat for a while to dry.

  3. Denise Porter

    I vote for the beak to finish it off. I wondered if the “stiff” yarn would soften as it is used. Or perhaps after washing??

  4. Marilyn

    Just be careful with the owl hats. I’ve made about 30 of them because they are so cute and addicting to make! Everyone who sees them wants one in an adult size 🙂

  5. Carol

    Oh no another project.Oh so cute and perfect for gifts I think I’d best put the beak on too as my Granddaughter wondered where the carrot was when I omitted that from a bugs bunny I made. I’m busy sewing but sure I can fit this project in for the evening telly slot. Thanks so much Mollie for keeping me busy and with 10 inches of snow forecast this evening I need something. New Year greetings to one and all.

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