HS sew along update

I started my blocks and while I was VERY tempted to do color coordinated blocks ESPECIALLY after seeing the one Jackie posted (yes, she pieced the blocks, assembled and has it already tied!) I took another look at my large string bin and decided I’ll stick with my kitchen sink version.


A reminder for those joining in — don’t forget to press! I make 8-10 blocks at a time and always press the previous string before adding another one. If you’re making more than one block like I do, you can add two strings to each block on either side of the center before having to get up to press.


In addition to making the block look nice and neat, it gives you the opportunity to check that you don’t have any gaps in your seams and to pick out those stray strings that get caught up in the seams. For those of us who quilt the HeartStrings tops this is SO important. Getting our hopping foot caught in a strip that isn’t completely sewn down is time consuming as is having to stop and repair the quilt AND to pick out stray strings.

I square my blocks up from the back and a 9.5 inch ruler and rotating mat make it easy.


My first blocks are finished but I’ve got a ways to go to finish the set of 48 that I need for my HeartStrings quilt. Remember, to participate you don’t have to make a full set. You can send in as many blocks as you want for group quilts.


4 thoughts on “HS sew along update

  1. Mindy in Indy

    Alright! “Kitchen Sink” is EXACTLY how I’m doing mine as well. I’ve been collecting strips for quite awhile, so it’s been a blast remembering the quilts that created the strips. I’ve got a set of 24 done on backing and batting. Had the backs and batting already cut, so figured… what the heck. But I didn’t get any takers on finishing them, though.

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