Go Vikings!

In between watching the games, I continued sewing along with HeartStrings.

Can you believe my string bin looks worse than when I started?? I don’t think I’ll ever get these under control.


6 Responses to “Go Vikings!”

  • That was one of the best games this year. Very exciting! I was hoping Adrian Peterson would get his record especially since Eric Dickerson has been such an a## about it. Looking forward to next weekend! My Mom is a Vikings fan so I know she is happy.

  • Pat C in Washington:

    Well, I was happy that my Seahawks won (barely). After 105 points in the last 3 games, 20 points in this game seemed sort of puny and for a home game their efforts were meh. But I was working on hand-sewing down a binding for the first time ever so I was only looking up for the exciting bits. I need to do a string quilt; my 2 1/2″ dark string drawer is crammed so full I can’t get anything more in there. I need to take my strings out and fluff them up like yours – they look much prettier that way!

  • Flatlander (Linda):

    The Viking/Packer game WAS very exciting though I have to admit to cheering for the Packers. I am first and foremost a Steeler fan, followed by the Packers and Vikings (in that order). Good game all around … so exciting. I think your strings look great … you’ll “tame” them and make them into delicious quilts … I have ever confidence in you 😉

  • That is what one of my scrap piles looked like 2 weeks ago, I pressed, cut and sewed some, then just pressed and cut in prep for another quilt. They just keep multiplying way too fast, LOL And I need to get a little control of it this winter.

  • SaraF:

    I worked on binding while enjoying that Vikings win over the Packers! And now tonight we can rub it in just a little when we go out for supper with our friends who are die hard Packer backers.

    And my scrap bin has gotten worse too. I think it expanded because I was digging down to the bottom and it’s just “fluffed up”. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Happy New Year!

  • I’m not sure exactly how that happens, but it does to me, too. And I have a huge bunch I need to use up, and soon!

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