Still sewing

Not much to show as I’m still piecing string blocks and backings during our HeartStrings sew-along so I’ll share this photo of the kids. Rae was baptized yesterday in Philadelphia (or maybe New Jersey) and the kids arrived safely back in GA today.


9 thoughts on “Still sewing

  1. Marillyn Smith

    What a wonderful, happy picture. They do look so happy. Wish you could have been there. Beautiful family!


  2. Penny G

    Love the baptism picture. I love Rae’s garment of white she is clothed in. Love all the symbolism of baptism, but that is one of my favorite things – seeing how each church does the white garment. Love all of them – the white almost always embellished with gold white or red embroidery. The one given my second daughter was a hand painted white bib with blue red and gold. Like I said all a little different.

  3. Kay G

    I STILL think RaeRae is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.
    She has always looked so content and happy. Truly a beautiful family – but then look at what great stock they came from…

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