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Reading list

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Some people publish a list of their favorite books during the year but choosing favorite books requires too much effort on my part. I love to read, mostly mysteries and pictured below are some of the books I’ve read this year … But mostly it’s a list of many of my favorite authors – a much easier list for me to make!

I love reading books that have the same characters running through them. Even better is discovering a new author and reading a series from start to finish. I did that earlier this year for the Laurie R King books and am in the process of reading the books by Donna Leon. The site Stop You’re Killing Me is very helpful and lists books in the order they’ve been written and published. When I start a new series like the Donna Leon books – I copy the list onto my iPad and order the Kindle books a couple at a time. Occasionally I’ll find one or two that aren’t available in an ebook and I’ll order the paperback from Amazon. The Donna Leon books have been especially fun because we visited Venice earlier this year.