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I’m so not with it

Sometimes I think I must live in a cave. I’m not into social media except for using Facebook to keep up with the extended family and the only time I go to YouTube is to watch a video of Caleb. Keith was playing a song last night by the Piano Guys and trying to explain them to me so I went to look at their website.

I spent half the night wearing headphones and watching their videos with this one being one of my favorites. check out the video after this one too … The same song but with Tyler Ward … I know WHO?? I’d never heard of him either.

On my needles

A wonderful evening … The fire and my knitting.


Not accomplishing much

Or at least it feels that way. A couple backings made since I got home but most of my time has been spent getting caught up from being gone. I always overestimate how much actual sewing time I’ll have when I have two trips close together.

Yesterday after running errands (walking several miles in 16 degree weather) I decided to kill two birds with one one stone. Chesty was a bit needy and since I’m going to be leaving him again, I spent the evening knitting…. I cast on a another cowl … This one a big chunky, warm one. It should be a quick knit too and ready to wear soon.

Doesn’t he look a little down?


My cowl is ‘beet’ colored but this is the pattern I’m using.


Late but safe and sound

We arrived home last night late but safe and sound. Since the problem was the de-icer in the tail and the airport looked like this when we arrived, we were happy to get off the plane and back on another one without issues!


There’s a lot on today’s agenda – I have to get some things ready for mailing, I may or may not actually get to the post office today, catch up on email, sort through the mail and pay bills. I might even find time to work on the quilt on the design wall and/or load a top on the longarm. Lots to do before the next trip.


One flight canceled, one plane with mechanical issues …. we’re in Atlanta now and hoping the next plane gets us home tonight.


My last day!

Cabana by the pool catching up with my SIL


Lots of this


And this


Later today I have a massage and pedicure. Poor Keith is not having nearly as much time to relax as I am between his work and family responsibilities.

Love, love, love the beach

Minneapolis is a great place to live but I SO miss the ocean!


We lived in the Ft Lauderdale area for about 10 years and while I don’t miss some things about it, I do miss the beach!

No quilting THIS week

….. and no knitting either. Just me, the ocean, and my Kindle.


Journal your Christmas

I hadn’t intended to participate in the class this year but a comment Paula left on my 365 post made me realize that it fit perfectly into my goal of a photo each day. I love that by signing up for this class once, I get to participate each year without paying again. The prompts arrive in my mailbox and I can choose to use them or not.

If you’ve wanted to do a journal or photo project, check it out!

Journal your Christmas 2012