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First time

We’d never been snowmobiling before today but I loved it! I chose to ride with Keith rather than drive my own machine which gave me lots of time to sightsee and take photos.

A break for hot chocolate.

The view were amazing!!!




It’s very beautiful but I’m feeling the altitude. We didn’t get a chance to get out yesterday after we arrived but the views from the hotel are gorgeous including this one from our room. Some XCountry skiing on today’s agenda and a little time to explore Aspen.


On my design wall

I’m in the process of sashing these blocks … The rows are together and now I need to add the horizontal sashing. I was determined to use the green dot as a border but now I’m pretty sure I’ll use about 4 inches or so of the same brown I’m using for the sashing just to frame the whole thing.


It was dark when I snapped the photo but even allowing for that the sashing isn’t going to be really prominent. Luckily I’m liking these blocks better.

I’m SO bad

That purple scarf is never going to get finished unless I get more disciplined. I should be knitting that if I wanted to knit something.

I’d actually intended to work more on sashing the blocks on the design wall tonight but I couldn’t resist casting on a scarf — it’s going to be my trial in knitting from a chart.


So here’s the pattern – free on Ravelry and one with lots of details, written instructions and a chart.

I’m using sport weight yarn and size 9 needles

I downloaded a free app (JKnitHDLite) to track my progress on the chart. Gotta love that there’s an app for everything! I can import my PDF pattern easily into the app and if I wanted to upgrade, I could add more options but for now all I want to do it keep my place on my chart.


Finally, after weeks of next to no snow (I don’t count an occasional flurry or a dusting) we’ve got some snow. We walked across the river to dinner … A perfect evening!


Do you use knitting charts?

I consider myself a beginning knitter … Maybe an experienced beginner at best. I taught myself to knit from books and have occasionally searched the web for a video of a technique if the written explanation wasn’t clear. I feel like I need to take the next step and learn to knit from charts … It doesn’t seem like it should be difficult but …. It is.

After all who would write a chart using a symbol that changes whether you’re working on the right or wrong side? The symbol for a knit stitch should be the same symbol in the same chart no matter where the knit stitch occurs… Right? Except it isn’t. And I get that you read the chart from bottom to top and then from right to left …. Except wrong side rows (when charted) are read from left to right …. Oh except when working in the round?? Then all rows are right side rows? Really it’s way more confusing than it has to be and so far has had me avoiding patterns that aren’t written out.

I think I’ll pick a pattern that doesn’t chart the wrong side rows to avoid some confusion for my first attempt!

Do YOU knit from charts? Any tips for me?

Rae’s Owl Hat

Chris sent me a photo of Rae wearing the owl hat I made her.


Another hat

These are so fun to do and quick … Just a couple evenings and they’re done.


It’s another one from the book Baby Beanies and you can see it on Ravelry at this link.

Edit: I decided to add a flower.



I love this HeartStrings Quilt of Valor pieced by Tish.


It’s quilted with the pantograph Jilly by Keryn Emmerson.


A quick knit

A hat for one of my little nieces … cast on last night … Finished tonight ( well its almost 2 am so it’s really tomorrow)

The hat is from a book and the details can be found on Ravelry at this link. I did not tie off the ears. I think this is more practical and still just as cute.


Family photos

I’m working — a quilt loaded on the machine and the quilting started and a new hat cast on but nothing to show yet so how about a couple recent photos.

From Chris, a photo of Rae with the quilt I made and gave her for Christmas.


From Adam, a family photo.


On my design wall

I guess every quilt can’t be my favorite and so far this one is not even in the running. The blocks are done and now I’ll start sashing them. Hopefully by the time the quilt is finished I like it more.



I finished knitting these during the night and while I was tempted to put off closing the toes and weaving in the ends I didn’t!


I love the wide stripes of this KnitPicks yarn!

A small finish

A HeartStrings quilt pieced by Becky and quilted with freehand swirls.


On my needles

I’m using a cold as an excuse to be lazy the last couple days but I’ve done a little piecing, a little knitting, and a little binding. I want to start another hat but I’m trying to resist the urge while I work on my fisherman’s rib scarf and these socks. I have less than an inch before it’s time to start the toe decreases.


How small is too small?

So with all the fabric I have on the shelves and the scraps and strings in multiple bins, I still go to this bin of little pieces I keep under the machine for the beginnings of my strips and strings log cabin blocks.

How small does a piece of fabric have to be for YOU to throw it out?


Kind of blah

I started a set of Courthouse Steps blocks from my string bins and as I put them up on the design wall I thought they were kind of blah set side by side. I’m not making them with a light and dark side so I decided they needed a narrow sashing. I have the perfect dark brown in my stash and then I’ll add a border from the green dot or maybe I’ll just use the brown. Once I get the blocks made I’ll decide.


I’ve got enough of this brown for a set of HeartStrings blocks too.

Time to quilt

This week I’m back downstairs in the longarm room. This was a donated HeartStrings top but offhand I’m not sure who sent it to me — quilted with some simple freehand swirls. I try to be good about tracking where these come from but sometimes a top doesn’t get labeled.

EDIT: Becky R in IL wrote to let me know this was her HeartStrings top. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to identify it when I first posted it.

A simple swirl creates nice texture and is quick and eases me back into quilting!



I seem to be on a night schedule again so I’m going to head upstairs now and work on the string Courthouse Steps blocks I started last night. After working on HeartStrings blocks over the New Year’s holiday weekend, I realized I need to make some inroads into my string bins before they overtake me. I’m going to participate in our 365 challenge which means that I’m going to attempt 365 string blocks of some sort in 2013 although I won’t stress if it takes me longer than a year. I’m starting out with 48 blocks from this HeartStrings top.

Bricks and Stones

I know I just showed this quilt but now it’s a finished top and another check mark on my to do list.


There is an instruction sheet for this one on the website.

Still on my needles

Making some progress on the purple scarf today while watching football which is good since I’ve done a little online yarn shopping!


Not sure why this scarf is taking so long but I’m in the groove now.