Another finish

This HeartStrings of AnnG’s has been quilted a while and patiently waiting its turn in the binding pile. I LOVE the homespun HeartStrings!


Working my way thru the list!

12 thoughts on “Another finish

  1. AnnG

    Thanks again for quilting this for me, Mary. That’s one of my favorite things about HeartStrings: I can piece the blocks and let someone else do the finishing.

  2. Evelyn

    It is pretty! I have one smallish tote of homespuns – I bet it would be enough to make probably more than 1 of these! I am always amazed at exactly how little fabric a quilt does take when compared to our stashes! I like controlled, scrappy – so this idea is right up my alley in how to use these homespuns. I think putting them on the muslin background would help stabalize them since they are so stretchy.
    Cheers! Evelyn

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