How small is too small?

So with all the fabric I have on the shelves and the scraps and strings in multiple bins, I still go to this bin of little pieces I keep under the machine for the beginnings of my strips and strings log cabin blocks.

How small does a piece of fabric have to be for YOU to throw it out?


27 thoughts on “How small is too small?

  1. Flatlander (Linda)

    Not exactly sure of measurement because I use Bonnie Hunter’s method of sewing scraps together to make larger pieces and then cutting them into shapes I need. She calls them “crumbs” and they can be pretty small … but I’d estimate about 1″ square …..

  2. Joan

    I have been known to make a project out of threads and dog ears that I collected. Anything smaller than a dog ear I toss!! LOL…Yep they tell me I am crazy!

  3. Bunny F

    My husband is afraid to run the vacuum in my sewing room. He knows I will pick up little pieces off the floor and use them in one of my scrap quilts. I think about an inch is my cut-off, too.

  4. SaraF

    I’ve been trying to cut my small scraps into postage stamps (1.5″) squares. But I also have a box for 2.5″ and 3.5″ squares. I have my large scrap and strips bin too. The triangles I trim off of HST tend to get thrown away unless it is large enough to sew together into at least a 2.5″ square. Some days I think I’m crazy to keep these little pieces.

    And lots of other small scraps get used as “leaders & enders” when I’m sewing and don’t want to keep cutting thread between blocks.

  5. Cyndi Holguin

    Itty Bitty cause I use them for crazy quilt blocks if they are to small for atleast 3 stitches I safe those to stuff pillows for George. He loves pillows. I guess I would say about an inch. I really hate throwing anything away. 🙂

  6. Ann

    I once put a border on a twin size quilt that was cut 3/4″ wide ~ that’s all that was left and it needed to be part of that border. Seriously working on tossing anything less than 1″.

  7. Victoria Carroll-Parkhill

    Isn’t it just wonderful to play in a big bunch of random scraps? There is nothing so freeing and stimulating to all our creative juices.
    I have shelving units full of yardage but the bright bits and strings call my name.
    Bits smaller than 2″ squares go to my favorite Girl Scout troop for collages in the hopes of hooking a new generation on having fun with fabrics.

  8. Cathy L in IA

    If it will fit under my 1/4 inch foot I’ll sew it together. Anything under that goes into the garden mulch pile (along with the dryer lint and coffee grounds).

  9. Cindy B.

    Postage stamps … 1.5″ x 1.5″. But I don’t toss the rest … I send them on to someone who makes use of them!

  10. diane

    anything under an inch square goes into another bag and goes into making animal blankets/beds. Saying really nothing is too small.

  11. Beth in AZ

    My smallest at the moment is 2X2. I am working on a leaders/enders postage stamp. Occasionally I get wild hair and use the smaller ones for a crazy block. Usually if they are trimmings, they go in my dog beds. I don’t feel bad when they doggies get a nice lumpy scrap filled bed!

  12. Janet

    I am pitching anything that cannot be cut into a 2.5″ square- I just want to cut down on all the scraps. But I will steal the kindling idea for the bins of cuttings I get when making string quilts! It has been a cold winter here in the Calif. foothills!

  13. Deb in AZ

    Smaller than 1 inch goes out around the property for birds. It’s been fun over the years to see bits of our horses hair and my fabric scraps woven into nests.

  14. Mariel

    I probably toss anything less than 1 inch. I like to use small strips for string piecing but under 1 inch is just too small. I like the idea of scraps for the birds.

  15. maureen groebner

    Hello Mary:
    If the needle cant go thru it, then its tossed away. I use most of my scraps and build material from it to make scrap quilts.

  16. Lori in South Dakota

    Anything less than 2.5″ square. I toss them off the cutting table into the trash box. Then Henrietta comes along and pulls bits out and recuts them—I think she’s crazy but she says it a postage stamp quilt.

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